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Good news from our members!

The North Carolina Writers' Network is happy to announce good news from our members. If you have had a piece published, won a prize in a competition, or received an award or honor for your writing, let us know and we'll post the news here. "Hats Off" announcements are available to members only. To post your item on the website, please click here.

Hats Off! to Michele Tracy Berger whose essay was featured in "The Big Idea" blog series hosted by John Scalzi, a multi-award winning speculative fiction writer. "What if a visit to the salon could kill you?" Michele asks in talking about her new novella, Reenu-You. "What if a hair product harbored a deadly virus? My Big Idea is about viruses, the politics of beauty and unlikely female heroes."


Hats Off! to Suzanne Cottrell whose three-line poem beginning "Water droplets streaking cracked windows..." appears in issue #43 of Three Line Poetry.


Hats Off! to Suzanne Cottrell whose poems "Afternoon Skipping" and "Farmers' Market" will be published in the print issue of The Summer Avocet. In addition, her poems "Restorative Cloudburst" and "Morning Dew" appeared in the online Weekly Avocet on June 11, 2017.


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