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Mary Ann's Mountain by Mary Ann Rose Hart

Dog Ear Publishing
$11.95, paperback / $9.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-4575-3266-5
December, 2014
Fiction: Juvenile
Available from your local bookstore or

"This book should be on every middle school shelf in America!"
—Paddy Fievet, author of When Life Cried Out

"I like the way your book talks."
—Fifth-grader, Coeburn Middle School

"In this debut novel set in the late 1950s, young Mary Ann shares stories about life on a mountain farm in Virginia. These lively tales inspired by her life indeed serve as a striking showcase of postwar childhood. Her novel may attract general interest as well, given how its plucky heroine and family-positive spirit are reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie and other beloved children's classics. . .. her narrative is full of feisty characters (and cats) as well as gentle images. . . A charming debut full of endearing family stories with universal appeal.
Kirkus Reviews

Life on a farm in the mountainous coalfields of Virginia brings ups and downs for a fifth-grader leaving a two-room school on the mountain for a two-story school in town. The new farm cat won't give Mary Ann the time of day, and she encounters the class bully at her new school. For the first time, Mary Ann witnesses prejudice and problems that affect her friends. Challenges and changes at school highlight the changes happening in Mary Ann's own life, but her three protective older brothers, grandparents and mom work together to make sure the family sticks together through some difficult circumstances. Caught between being a child and a teenager, Mary Ann must discover for herself that the world exists in a spectrum of colors as varied as those found in a Caney Ridge sunrise.

Request book signings and children's readings, preview the book, see upcoming events, read her blog, and download free guided reading and pre-algebra tangram math activities at Visit on Twitter and Facebook.

Mary Ann's Mountain is the first novel for Mary Ann Rose Hart and is a nod to her mountain heritage. Growing up in the mountainous coalfields of Virginia in the 1950s and '60s give this author a first-hand knowledge of the mountain people's pride in their land and their stoic adaptations to whatever life brought.

This retired teacher taught French in grades 3-6 in Kingsport, Tennessee, and grades 3-5 in Mooresville and High Point, North Carolina. The author received a master's degree from Appalachian State University with emphasis on the emerging adolescent and reading skills instruction. While serving as math lead teacher, Hart presented her work at regional and state math conventions.A 36-year career teacher, the author writes about the age group she knows so well.

Mary Ann now lives in North Carolina with her husband, David, and their cat, Gus. Look for more books to come.

When Killers Collide by Tom Olsinski

Pegasus Books
$17.95, paperback / $4.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-941859384
October, 2015
Fiction: Mystery/Thriller
Available from your local bookstore or

What if a serial killer and terrorist plot were active simultaneously in the same beach town? The action packed novel When Killers Collide answers how do you stop a rapacious killer and subvert domestic terrorists?

The gruesome methodology found in a killing field in Indiana reappears in North Carolina as the sexually obsessed killer has re-emerged. What begins as a search for a missing woman uncovers a serial killer and unravels a plot to destroy a city. As victims appear, the paths to murder converge. The outcome is intriguing and unpredictable, as Harry Powell drives to stop killers, profiteers and terrorists. This is a powerful and inventive tale with an original storyline.

Conflict between compelling characters captivate readers in page turning actions. Unique crisscrossed story lines culminate in a dynamic cinematic conclusion.

When Killers Collide follows a treacherous conflict between those with a genealogy that drives killing and those who choose to eliminate anyone who stands in their way. Does group loyalty supersede personal integrity? Can we escape our past to control who we become? What happens when killers collide?

Tom Olsinski has always been a writer in parallel to several careers in healthcare and business. At Fordham University he wrote and edited the college newsletter. As a pharmacist he also contributed a weekly newspaper column on health for a local New York newspaper called You and Your Health. As a marketing executive, he also wrote a monthly business column for over six years for Hearst Publications, titled Mind Your Business. He has written various business publications for a Fortune 100 company on various subjects including strategic planning and leadership. He has lectured at major business schools on ethics. He has coached several sports and is currently an avid golfer. Since focusing on fiction, he has written several novels, most recently When Killers Collide. He is married with three children. After living in New York City and Indiana he currently resides in North Carolina with his wonderful wife and two cute cats.

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