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Seasons in the Garden by Sandra Fischer

Evergood Books
$9.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-0996838009
November, 2015
Nonfiction: Gardening
Available from your local bookstore or www.Amazon.com

Ever since the first garden appeared on earth and seasons were set in place, human kind has been subject to, as well as inspired by, the changes taking place in nature and in people. In spring new life appears, followed by summer’s flowering, fall’s fruition and finally winter’s rest. The seasons of both nature and humans possess many parallels as found in the author’s reflections in Seasons in the Garden. Through prose and poetry, scripture verses and illustrations, the reader can journey through the seasons and contemplate the likenesses found within nature and humanity.

Seasons in the Garden is a collection of inspirations written over fifty seasons of the author's life for the Dataw Island Garden Club. Sandra Fischer's observations show insightful parallels in the seasons of gardening and nature as they relate to the seasons of humanity. Through poetry and prose she guides us through the seasons.

Sandra Fischer taught high school English and owned a Christian bookstore in Indiana for several years. Much of her writing is devoted to stories of inspiration gleaned from her experiences growing up in the Midwest. She has been published in Guideposts, Faithwriters Magazine online, and in several anthologies. Sandra retired and lived in South Carolina for fifteen years before relocating to Southern Pines in 2016 where she continues to write inspirational articles and create new stories. She is a platinum member of www.Faithwriters.com where many of her writings are found.

The Fish Tank: and Other Short Stories by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
$5.75, paperback / $1.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-0998257402
December, 2016
Fiction: Short Stories
Available from www.Amazon.com

A collection of short stories from the mind of romantic suspense author Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra that will take your imagination on a ride across all genres.

Delve into For the Fun of Writing, where flights of fancy are given voice in “Jerry’s Gift” and “Rites of Passage.” Glide into Soul Songs, stories from the Cuban Diaspora, where the author weaves many of her own exile experiences in “The Fish Tank” (award winner), “Bubbles Don’t Bring Smiles,” “Lullaby,” and “A Day in the Life of Benito José Fuentes.” Take a peek at Prologues, two prequel short stories that introduce characters in upcoming novels. Twists and turns run rampant in “Into the Light,” and “Mirror, Mirror: A Detective Nick Larson Story.” Finally, enjoy The End, a short-short of whimsy in “Everyone’s a Critic.”

Ms. Alonso-Sierra is the author of two romantic suspense novels, The Coin and The Book of Hours. She holds a Masters in English literature and has worked as a professional dancer, singer, journalist, and literature teacher. When not writing, she roams around to discover new places to set her novels. She is currently working on her third, full-length novel.

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