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Lot Boy by Greg Shemkovitz

Sunnyoutside Press
$16.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-1934513491
July, 2015
Fiction: Literary / Rust Belt
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"Greg Shemkovitz’s Lot Boy shines a relentless spotlight on what we keep trying to understand—father-son relationships, the elusive American Dream, how to escape Sisyphean tasks. This is a first-rate page-turner, written by a man who grasps the plight of blue collar workers. I recommend it highly."
—George Singleton, Between Wrecks

"Greg Shemkovitz’s rust belt noir is a gritty, vulgar, hilarious example of why you should never turn your back on a mechanic. Lot Boy does for Buffalo what Donald Ray Pollock has done for Ohio. Best of all, it’s accomplished by a Pynchonionally large cast of untrustable characters with grease under their nails and surprises in their hearts."
—Patrick Wensink, bestselling author of Broken Piano for President

"If Eddie Lanning knows what’s good for him he’ll start to behave himself. Then, maybe, he’ll get a piece of the family Ford dealership. But don’t count on it in this funny, antic, swift-moving novel about independence, the call of the road and learning the hard way. Lot Boy is a terrific debut by a writer with talent to burn."
—Porter Shreve, The End of the Book

Eddie Lanning has grown up with the run of his father's Ford dealership, but lack of ambition and an immature attitude leave him trapped as the "lot boy" who covers the most menial and unskilled tasks and errands. Eager to escape both snowy Buffalo and his family legacy, Eddie allows a habit of petty theft to escalate into warranty fraud as he is drawn by fellow employee Spanky into a dangerous parts-selling scheme. This sensitive portrayal of both inchoate youthful rebellion and the invisible bonds of family and home effectively emphasizes the difficulty of Eddie's final choice.

Greg Shemkovitz teaches writing and literature at Elon University. His fiction has appeared in Gihon River Review, the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Prick of the Spindle, and elsewhere. Lot Boy was a semi-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and is his first novel.

A Fox with Earrings: What's a little MURDER among friends? by Loyd Little

Oak Tree Press
$12.95, paperback / $4.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1610092050
October, 2015
Fiction: Mystery
Available from the publisher or

Nolan Chastain, a real estate agent, is three months into a consuming affair with Cass Tolley, a woman he’s known and been fascinated with for more than a decade. On Friday, after the first day of showing million-dollar homes to a recently retired Air Force general and his wife, Nolan arrives at Cass’ home to find police cars and blue lights—Cass has been shot and killed. Many had motive to kill her; far from virtuous, Cass had slept with most of the men she had ever known. Jealous spouses and men scorned headline the list. Nolan’s insatiable curiosity and desire to see justice inspires his compilation of suspects—ironically all friends. An exaggerated conversation concerning Krugerrands (Cass’ versions were always outrageous) tips the scales, but toward whom? How is the general involved? Which story does he believe? And what has the fox with earrings have to do with anything?

Loyd Little’s published novels include: Parthian Shot, winner of the PEN-Hemingway Award and a Playboy Book-of-the-Month Selection (Viking Press in hardcover/Ivy Press in paperback, 1975), In the Village of the Man (Viking-Penguin Press hardback, 1977), Smokehouse Jam (Available Press, a division of Ballantine Books, 1989,) and Roll On Sugaree (Author House, 2013).

Published short stories: “Out With the Lions”, published in Free Fire Zone: Short Stories by Vietnam Vets (McGraw Hill, 1973) and “The Moon in June” (Playboy, March, 1977). Fragile Islands of Memories, a nonfiction picture book about the Hre Montagnards around Gia Vuc, a Special Forces camp where he served in 1965 (available at

A graduate of the University of North Carolina, he has taught creative writing at UNC-Chapel Hill and in the state's community college system and has lectured at various literary events. He has been a critiquer of novels and short stories for more than twenty years for the North Carolina Writers' Network, as well as an active member of the Network. He was the editor/managing editor of four newspapers in North and South Carolina:

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