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Cecil and the Big Wave (Cecil the Littlest Ant, #1) by Adam W. Jones

Wisdom House Books
$19.97, hardcover
ISBN: 978-0997211818
April, 2017
Fiction: Children's
Available from your local bookstore or www.Amazon.com

Cecil the Littlest Ant may be small, but he's fed up with being bullied about it. The other kids at Aardvark Park tease him about his size, what they don't see is his magnificent courage. Cecil knows that the bullies are wrong about him, and to prove it he focuses on a new goal: he will become a great surfer! With the help of his Uncle Juba, Cecil learns how to master even the biggest waves. Armed with his new skills and confidence, Cecil shows everyone that if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish great things—no matter your size.

North Carolina author Adam W. Jones has written both fiction and children’s books, and has written articles for several magazines. Like many good Southerners, Adam has always had a passion for telling and writing a good story. Adam knows the value of thinking for yourself, overcoming obstacles and having the confidence to pursue your passions. In Cecil and the Big Wave, Adam shares his own childhood love of surfing in a family-friendly picture book meant to remind readers young and old of the importance of courage, confidence, and self-esteem. Adam is a husband and father of two young girls. He lives in Chapel Hill with his family, their two dogs, one cat, and a fish.

Reenu-You by Michele Tracy Berger

Book Smugglers Publishing
$14.95, paperback / $4.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1942302483
March, 2017
Fiction: Sci-Fi / Post-Apocalyptic
Available from your local bookstore or www.Amazon.com

New York City, August 1998.

On a muggy summer day, five women wake up to discover purple scab-like lesions on their faces—a rash that pulses, oozes, and spreads in spiral patterns. City clinic doctors dismiss the women’s fears as common dermatitis, a regular skin rash. But as more women show up with the symptoms, one clear correlation emerges: an all-natural, first-of-its-kind hair relaxer called Reenu-You.

As the outbreak spreads, and cases of new rashes pop up in black and latino communities throughout New York, panic and anger also grows. When the malady begins to kill, medical providers and the corporation behind the so-called hair tonic face charges of conspiracy and coercion from outraged minority communities and leaders across the country.

At the heart of the epidemic are these five original women; each from different walks of life. As the world crumbles around them, they will discover more about each other, about themselves, and draw strength to face the future together.

Michele Tracy Berger is a professor, a creative writer, and a pug-lover. Her fiction has appeared in UnCommon Origins: A Collection of Gods, Monsters, Nature and Science by Fighting Monkey Press; You Don’t Say: Stories in the Second Person by Ink Monkey Press; Flying South: A Literary Journal; 100wordstory; Thing Magazine; and The Red Clay Review. Her nonfiction writing and poetry has appeared in The Chapel Hill News, The Red Clay Review, Glint Literary Journal, Oracle: Fine Arts Review, Trivia: Voices of Feminism, The Feminist Wire, Ms., Carolina Woman Magazine, and Western North Carolina Woman, A Letter to My Mom, and various zines. Michele is completely undone by the sight of pugs and has to restrain herself from collecting any item they appear on. Michele is a trustee of the North Carolina Writers' Network. She lives in Pittsboro with her partner Tim.

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