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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Hip Hip Huzzah!

One of my favorite book-world resources, the daily e-mail newsletter Shelf Awareness, included the following bit of news in this morning’s issue: ‘Are those “brainstorms” or “thought showers” in your business meeting forecast? Apparently, the King’s English is now the preferred form of communication for British bureaucrats and buzz words are out. CNN “Why do […]

The Writer’s Hustle

With the “typical” American reading four books a year and reality stars getting more recognition than most authors, well it’s enough to make any writer feel like a sad clown. David Sedaris in a recent Newsweek article has a tip for us: Don’t underestimate the tip jar. “For the last book tour, I put a […]

Writing for Print vs. Writing for the Web

NCWN Board president and Webmistress Extraordinaire sent me the following link to an interesting article about the differences between effective writing for print and effective writing online: Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox for June 9 is now online. Summary: Linear vs. non-linear. Author-driven vs. reader-driven. Storytelling vs. ruthless pursuit of actionable content. Anecdotal examples vs. comprehensive data. […]

Web Designers

If you are looking for someone to design your book or author page, here are some suggestions: Jim Sheedy, who designed the former NC Writers’ Network web pages. Miss Mary K, who specializes in authors’ websites and lives in the Triad area. Melloweb TV can create videos for your website. They are located […]

Interview with Aaron Gwyn

I’ve been reading Aaron Gwyn’s short story collection, Dog on the Cross, and I think comparisons to Flannery O’ Conner are fair. He’s one of  those enviable writers who makes you think that you can write after reading him, because he’s able to evoke such complex themes in as few words as possible. Even though […]