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The Writer’s Hustle

With the “typical” American reading four books a year and reality stars getting more recognition than most authors, well it’s enough to make any writer feel like a sad clown. David Sedaris in a recent Newsweek article has a tip for us: Don’t underestimate the tip jar.

“For the last book tour, I put a tip jar on my table, because you just have to make it fun. I didn’t even do it every night and I made $4,000.”

(For the full interview, click here)

Do any writers out there have any other tips for book tours or how to get
their books noticed before writers have to start eating a plate of live
scorpions before their reading?


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  1. Glenda Beall wrote:

    I read this week that sixty percent of book buyers are so overwhelmed by all the new books in stores they often simply turn to well known authors rather than try to choose from unknown writers’ work.
    Marketing your work has to be the hardest part of writing for many people. That is one reason I try to do what I can to help new authors get their names out to the public and ask all writers to help each other. Do what you can for a fellow writer and maybe someone will give you a boost up when you need it.
    But authors must be aware that unless they have a publisher who will go all out for them, the work falls back on the writer to find a gimic or get creative in some way that makes his name recognizable enough that the public will at least look at his book when it is displayed in a store.

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