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Monthly Archives: February 2010

For your reading pleasure –

The latest Writing the New South post is available here.  Thanks to Bob Katrin for submitting his essay “Home in the South.”  We have a wealth of good submissions to choose from, but we always need more. And who knows?  Maybe your Writing the New South submission will one day lead to your inclusion in […]

“In books, what looks like death is actually progress.”

Today’s Washington Post featured a column by Steven Pearlstein, with his take on the new technologies that are transforming publishing and bookselling.  He must be a brave man, if he’s willing to make predictions on where all this change will lead.

Congratulating Is Becoming a Habit

Still more congratulations are in order for yet another NC Writers’ Network member: David Rigsbee will be the recipient of the 30th Annual Sam Ragan Award for Literature, to be presented this Thursday, February 4, at St. Andrews Presbyterian College. The following is from the press release announcing the award: “Three distinguished fine arts awards […]