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Monthly Archives: December 2010

First Line Flash Mobs

This might be part of our next Fall Conference. In the New Bern Sun Journal, columnist Martha Randolph Carr wants readers to organize: “So, let’s create a few hundred Flash Mobs all over the country with people spontaneously reciting opening lines to their favorite books in a continual wave across the center of America’s shopping […]

When Old South Meets New South, and Both Meet Writing the New South

A new post is up at Writing the New South. Many thanks to Network member Debra Efird of Harrisburg for submitting her essay, “When Old South Meets New at the Farmers Market.” Look for a new Writing the New South post in January.

New Novello Collection

Our good friends at Novello Festival Press (which is, according to the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, “on hiatus” due to budget cuts) have given us one more gift before NFP departs. Their new collection Topograph: New Writing from the Carolinas and the Landscape Beyond includes work by several Network members and friends, […]

Boom, boom

I have links to two articles I want y’all to read; each of them is, in its own way, such a bombshell about the craft and business of writing in today’s book world that I hardly know what to say. (What, you ask?  No clever comment, witty set-up, deplorable pun with which to frame these […]