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Dammit, y’all.

Dammit, y’all, I was going to blog something grammar-nerdy this week, something about the social benefits of precise writing and care with language. I want so badly to write about the old, refined, kind-of-silly concerns—how proper punctuation helps social cohesion, why Bob Dylan should not have won the Novel Prize for Literature, why a barbecue […]

NCWN’s June Recommended Reading List

In recognition of Pride Month and Juneteenth, the North Carolina Writers’ Network takes time to commemorate these moments in history and share our latest recommended reading list of books by Black and LGBTQ+ writers that broadly encapsulate Black and queer history and experiences. Queer Nature: A Poetry Anthology (includes NCWN member Jessica Jacobs) POETRY “This […]

The Writingest County (At Least This Week)?

Henderson County must be living right. First, word came that Songbirds and Stray Dogs, the debut novel by Hendersonville author (and former NCWN Henderson County Rep) Meagan Lucas, is this year’s choice for the annual Route 1 Reads initiative. Sponsored by North Carolina Humanities, Route 1 Reads is “a road trip-inspired reading list that annually […]

NC Playwrights Are Having a Moment

The Network was founded by writers for the page, not the stage, but dramatists like Paul Green and Samm-Art Williams are as much a part of our literary heritage as Thomas Wolfe (who wrote and produced plays while a student at UNC). NC born playwrights are still making literary history. James Ijames, a performer and […]

Introducing Myself

I’ve been thinking a lot about change. Change as in a movement from one phase of your life into another; change as in what can happen in an instant; change as in a process that is much slower, when the outcome pulls like a memory, a wish that hasn’t yet formed. Change can be associated […]

NCWN Members Sweep the 2022 Alex Albright Creative Nonfiction Prize

by Deonna Kelli Sayed   NCWN members swept the honors in the North Carolina Literary Review’s 2022 Alex Albright Creative Nonfiction Prize, judged by historian David S. Cecelski. Audrey Jennifer Smith authored the winning essay, with honorable mentions for Angela Belcher Epps, Blaise Kielar, and Ashley Memory. Audrey’s essay, “In the Summer of Missing Girls,” […]

Yes, We Get the Irony

I’m not going to lie: As well as the Internet has served our far-flung Network, I sometimes think – or, more accurately, daydream – about taking us offline entirely. I fantasize more about the Network championing the analog virtues of reverie and contemplation than I do about windfall donations or in-perpetuity grants. (I might shouldn’t […]

NCAC Names New Director

On May 13*, our friends at the North Carolina Arts Council announced that Jeff Bell would be their next director. Bell comes to Jones Street from Wilson, where he was the executive director of the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park and Museum and Arts Innovation coordinator for the City of Wilson. He also has worked at […]

This Morning, This Place

For years, I logged in to start my Network day at 7 A.M. sharp. Not since late last August, though, when my youngest started kindergarten. Since then I don’t log in until 7:30, 7:45, sometimes even 8—not until I’ve helped her get ready and seen her off to school. That felt different this morning. The […]

How to Talk to a Bookseller: Then, Now, Forever

As a former bookseller and publisher who’s now married to a bookseller, I know a lot of stories about authors whose approach is, for lack of a better word, wrong. I mean, really wrong. Completely wrong. Hilariously wrong. Infuriatingly wrong. So-wrong-they’d-be-less-wrong-if-they-never-even-tried wrong. After one such story my wife remembered this piece by author (and former […]