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ZenGarden.Club Seeks Writing Contest Judges offers photography, haiku, fiction, and much more about gardens and gardeners, online, with some content free to subscribers and bonus content available to members. They also host seasonal contests where writers are asked to respond to a photograph and a haiku prompt. For example, their current contest, open for submissions through January 22, offers […]

The 5 Ss that Will Help Get You Published

by Katey Schultz Flash fiction and flash nonfiction stories are often called “Stories of the Moment” or “Postcard Stories.” Think small, but fun, significant, and engaging. The challenge with flash form writing is how to write a compelling story that feels complete when you only have about 750 words to get the job done. One […]

Bytestories Offers Bite-Sized Moments in Prose

Their website claims that “writing War and Peace is not required” to leave one’s mark on this world, and maybe that’s true in a time when the 140-character Tweet and thirty-second soundbite are all many of us have the patience for. But Bytestories, a web ‘zine that publishes short prose under 1,500 characters (about 200-250 […]