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Saturday Is Small Business Saturday

Saturday, November 30, is “Small Business Saturday,” a great time to remember your independent bookstores and small presses (and authors!) as you hunt for gifts for your loved ones. Small Business Saturday is held annually following Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, considered one of the busiest shopping days of the year. American Express established […]

Blue Ink Press Is Permanent, Original

How many first-time authors are somewhat horrified to get their manuscripts back from their editors, only to find their work—which they were sure was perfect when they sent it out—is now awash in the red ink of editorial and proofreading marks? Red ink’s actually good, of course, because it means there’s collaboration happening, that an […]

Nominations Open for AWP Small Press Publisher Award

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Small Press Publisher Award is open for nominations through September 15: This is an annual prize that recognizes the important role that nonprofit presses and literary journals play in publishing creative works and introducing new authors to the reading public. The award acknowledges the hard work, creativity, […]

A Leader in Legal Education: Carolina Academic Press

Ever wonder what lawyers read for fun? Maybe something like Richard C. Wydick’s Plain English for Lawyers, a “helpful reference now in its fifth edition and touted by The New York Times as ‘. . . probably the most popular legal text today. . . .’” Over the course of thirty-five years, Carolina Academic Press (CAP), […]

The Power of Cosmic Relationships: Two of Cups Press

In a Tarot deck, the Two of Cups signifies new rewarding relationships, as well as honor, respect, and excellent cosmic energy for future partnerships. Most cards also feature the caduceus of Hermes, an ancient symbol often associated with trade and positive financial return. Two of Cups Press, based in the Triad, takes on only a […]

A Publisher for “Misfit Toys”: Falstaff Books

Anyone familiar with Shakespeare will know what to expect when picking up a title by Charlotte-based Falstaff Books. Mentioned in four Shakespeare plays, Falstaff is a plump knight and irresistible suitor who spends the majority of his time drinking in the Boar’s Head Inn with petty criminals. Gregarious, brave, loyal, outside the mainstream—not to mention […]

Pioneering the Book World of Tomorrow: OBX Publishing

It’s fitting that Outer Banks Publishing Group has positioned itself as a “hybrid” publisher, given their proximity to Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers combined moxie with ingenuity to achieve human flight more than a century ago. Outer Banks Publishing Group embraces this same pioneering spirit to produce both e-books and printed books to penetrate […]

Like Its Namesake, Eno Publishers Offers Fertile Soil

Although only forty miles long, the Eno River punches well above its weight in terms of its psychological and cultural significance. For over 700 years, first native settlers and then Europeans made the Eno watershed their home. Now residents of Durham and Orange counties, and others who come from further afield, have aggressively preserved 5,600 […]

Duke University Press Provides Global Access for All

As the publishing arm of Duke University in Durham, Duke University Press follows the University’s dual commitments to quality and access. In terms of quality, the press hopes to “advance the frontiers of knowledge and contribute boldly to the international community of scholarship.” In terms of access, the press seeks to promote a “spirit of […]

Black Mountain Press and the Worthiness of Lofty Ideals

What is it about Western North Carolina that inspires independence, creativity, and a desire to buck the system? What is it about those hills? In Swannanoa, the Flood Gallery Fine Art Center houses fine art in the Courtyard Gallery; hosts a monthly open mic; and is home to the venerable Black Mountain Press, established in 1994. […]