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Reach thousands of writers and readers in North Carolina and beyond by placing your ad with the North Carolina Writers’ Network.

NCWN has a core membership of about 1,400 dedicated writers around the state and country. Most of our members are college-educated and earn more than $50,000 a year. Writers, readers, public officials, teachers, and literary advocates are our audience. You can make them your audience, too, by letting them know about your publications, courses, contests, programs, and services.

Are you a member of NCWN? Members receive 25% off all advertisements—a SPECIAL OFFER for members only!

Advertise on Our Website

Our website attracts 4,000-6,000 unique visitors per month. In addition to exclusive tenancy, we offer non-exclusive tenancy for one-month blocks of time, during which your ad may be in randomized rotation with other non-sticky advertisements. Pricing as follows (see our brochure for ad specs and locations):

  • Top Banner (all pages): $800/month exclusive; $600/month non-exclusive
  • Bottom Banner (all pages): $600/month exclusive; $400/month non-exclusive

Advertise in Our Newsletter

NCWN mails two 32+ page newsletters annually to about 1,000 print subscribers, including members and other industry insiders. A PDF-version is also sent to more than 4,000 subscribers and made available on our website. We frequently feature articles by guest authors and publishing professionals, so this is your chance to place your product next to some of the best literary minds in North Carolina. Pricing as follows:

  • Full-Page: $600
  • Half-Page: $400
  • Quarter-Page: $250

Advertise in Our Weekly e-Blast Newsletter

Each week we send out a newsletter e-blast to our 1,350+ members, all of whom have signed up to receive our e-mails (so it’s not spam and will be read). Pricing as follows:

  • Top Banner: $500/week
  • Top Insertion: $300/week
  • Insertion: $250/week

Advertise at Our Conferences

Around 500* writers from across the United States attend our conferences. They are joined by dozens of authors, editors, agents, exhibitors, and other publishing professionals. Each attendee receives a conference packet that can include your full-page ad. Pricing as follows:

  • Fall Conference Packet: $150
  • Spring Conference Packet: $125
  • Squire Workshops Packet: $100
  • All Three Packets: $300

*Fall Conference=~300 participants; Spring Conference=~150; Summer Residency=~30

Sponsorship Opportunities

NCWN offers programs and services for our members year-round. If you would like to sponsor a reading, workshop, conference, or other program, please contact Ed Southern, Executive Director, at ed@ncwriters.org.

Advertising Packages

Reach more people—and get a better return on your investment—by taking advantage of more than one of NCWN’s advertising opportunities.

Dogwood Package: $1,500

  • 1-month Top Banner on ncwriters.org (exclusive)
  • 4 weeks Top Banner in Weekly E-Blast
  • Full-Page Ad in two consecutive issues of the Highway 64 journal
  • Ad in Spring Conference, Fall Conference, & Squire Workshops packets


Longleaf Package: $900

  • 1-month Skyscraper on ncwriters.org (exclusive)
  • 4 weeks Insertion OR 2 weeks Top Banner in Weekly E-Blast
  • Half-Page Ad in two consecutive issues of the Highway 64 journal
  • Ad in Spring Conference, Fall Conference, & Squire Workshops packets

We can also create custom plans to suit your needs. Please contact Ed Southern, Executive Director, at ed@ncwriters.org.

For advertisement placement options, ad-design specifications, and to place your order, see our brochure.