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99¢ Free Verse Garbage

99¢ Free Verse Garbage

By Arthur PensteamPublisher: Cardinal Sense, LLCISBN: 979-8-9897540-0-7Genre: PoetryPrice: $7.28 paperback, $2.99 ebook
Available from: Amazon

99¢ Free Verse Garbage is a compilation of poetry from all the eras of author Arthur Pensteam’s thirty-year life. In an attempt to stay true to form, the poems have been minimally edited to preserve the floundering, inexperienced nature of the author.

Excluding the occasional, blatant rip-off, most of the poems are that type of experimental, free-verse monstrosity common to American poetry. Each was crafted in the throes of youthful passion and is meant to capture and process deep emotion through observations of nature. The curated selection forms a narrative of self-growth, a coming of age through a fixation on physical and mental environment.

Above all, 99¢ Free Verse Garbage is an exploration of the crossroads of place and meaning. It is the author’s hope that it is able to evoke a wonder in the mundane, everyday perceptions common to all people.

Arthur Pensteam has a proclivity for falling deep. As a child, he loved systems and the physical world. These fixations led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a complement of philosophy and political thought. He thought he had mastered the depths of the universe until he read Finnegans Wake in eight months and subsequently lost his mind. He obtained a Masters in English while teaching composition and shoveling shit at a zoo. Nowadays, for his tenth job, he writes at his family’s round table in North Carolina. He is still deciding whether or not he should knight his cats and fianceé.