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A Chance to Tell Ten Stories

A Chance to Tell Ten Stories

By Stanley B. TricePublisher: Every Word Rise, LLCISBN: 978-0-9909265-5-9Genre: Fiction: Short Stories / ContemporaryPrice: $10.00, paperback / $1.99, e-book

These stories tell about sisters reuniting at their grandpapa’s funeral, a dad becoming a woman, a lonely homeowners association president, Betsy who likes shiny light bulbs, and Donald confronting co-workers and teenage daughters. There is also Gwen searching her past for help after a rape, a comedian avoiding colors, a dying Tommy wanting God’s forgiveness, a blind Peter who meets Mary with cancer, and a couple married for years who perform on a high school stage.

Story summary:

  • Sisters at their grandpa’s funeral worry about their marriages.
  • A dad becomes a woman leaving his adult children to confront their mother.
  • A lonely Harris is president of a trailer court association.
  • Betsy likes bright lights. Her husband shuts them off.
  • Donald adjusts to co-workers, divorce, and teenage daughters.
  • Gwen lets her past help her recover after a rape.
  • Comedy Man avoids colors he cannot see.
  • A dying Tommy asks his priest for God’s forgiveness.
  • Peter, losing hope of seeing, meets Mary with cancer.
  • Married for years, a couple performs on a high school stage for the last time.

These ten stories have people on a journey they did not plan to take. Their destination is unknown until they arrive. When lost, home can be a place of rest with no need to go further.

Stanley Trice grew up on a dairy farm in Spotsylvania, Virginia and ended up commuting to the Pentagon from south Stafford County. To keep his sanity over the commute and politics, he wrote over fifty short stories. More than two dozen were published by magazines and journals.

He escaped the long commute and politics and moved to New Bern, North Carolina (a place he had never been to before). Here, along with volunteer work, he writes novels. Yet, he still likes reading and writing short stories.