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A Million Miles Away

A Million Miles Away

By Tony PattersonPublisher: AmazonISBN: 979-8-9884849-0-5 / 979-8-9884849-1-2Genre: General FictionPrice: $3.99 eBook / $7.99 paperback
Available from: Amazon

In 1984, Negative Vibe was the latest Next Big Thing. And like so many bands before them, they crashed and burned.

Thirty-five years later, they will try to get back together for one last show - if they can learn to work and play together again. And maybe they can figure out why their reunion is getting much more interest than they expected.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Club Zed is proud to present… Negative Vibe!”

Tony Patterson has been an IT professional for over 40 years and has at times also been an animal rights activist, a comic book collector, a semi-professional photographer and, for one brief shining moment, co-owned a rock and roll club.
He resides in the Southern Part of Heaven, Chapel Hill, NC, with his wife, artist Jeannette Johnson.