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All We Have Loved

All We Have Loved

By Julia Nunnally DuncanPublisher: Finishing Line PressISBN: 979-8-88838-398-8Genre: EssaysPrice: $24.99
Available from: Amazon

All We Have Loved offers an intimate glimpse into a woman's life spent in Western North Carolina. Expressing a reverence for family, place, and friendship, these personal essays are a testament to the importance of preserving memories. Spanning from a mother's memories of the Great Depression in a WNC cotton mill village to the author's own 1960s upbringing and current life in WNC, this book will enlighten and entertain the reader.

Julia Nunnally Duncan is a native of Western North Carolina with family connections in East Tennessee. Her 1960s childhood, her family, and hometown, Marion, NC, have inspired her writing and fill the pages of All We Have Loved--a slice of small-town Southern life. Julia is an award-winning freelance writer and author of twelve books of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. She lives with her husband, Steve, a mountain woodcarver, in WNC. They enjoy their rural home and spending time with their daughter, Annie.


All We Have Loved is an astonishing vision of American life and in particular importance is its sense of families who work very hard, don’t make much money, but who cherish the members of their family and who almost never complain. Julia Nunnally Duncan writes so clearly and carefully-and her readers can hardly help admiring these citizens of that western part of North Carolina. Read this book-you’ll be glad you did.


David Huddle, Author of Only the Little Bone and La Tour Dreams Of The Wolf Girl

When Abraham Lincoln spoke of the “mystic chords of memory” he evoked the special emotions we feel when we think of the past. The same is true of Julia Nunnally Duncan in All We Have Loved. These gems of memory tell of the truly essential things in life: family, friends, time and place. The best thing about this beautiful work is that it will touch your own mystic chords and bring your own past to vivid life.


Robert Inman, Author of Home Fires Burning and Dairy Queen Days