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Blister and Other Stories

Blister and Other Stories

By Brian BiswasPublisher: Obie BooksISBN: 9798987625903Genre: Short StoriesPrice: 16.95
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Twenty-one stories that paint a portrait of a magical realist world that is both chaotic and corrupt. In "Blister," a young widow remains faithful to her wedding vows even after her husband's deception is revealed. The husband in "Others" is haunted by a picture from the sixteenth century that has seemingly come to life and threatens to destroy his marriage. The soldier in "A Soldier's Lament" refuses to order the execution of an enemy combatant with whom he has fallen in love. The teenage girl in "Skipping Stones" is troubled by her father's second marriage, resulting in an existential crisis.

Brian Biswas has published over sixty short stories in the United States as well as internationally. His short story "A Betrayal" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and anthologized in The Irreal Reader. A short story collection, A Betrayal and Other Stories, was published by Rogue Star Press in 2018. The Astronomer, a novel, was published by Whisk(e)y Tit in 2023.


Storytelling is Biswas’ calling card; he understands the power of Story, with a capital S. Read him because he is a master artificer, utilizing a prose that is both pellucid and shimmering.

Corey Mesler, author of Cock-a-Hoop, and The World is Neither Stacked for Nor Against You: Selected Short Stories

. . . each story compellingly puts its characters in tough spots that prove to be both gloomy and unexpected.

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