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Bridges Connect Communities

Bridges Connect Communities

By Brenda FulmorePublisher: Independently publishedISBN: 979-8321450260Genre: NonfictionPrice: 5.99
Available from: Amazon

Bridges are fascinating structures that people see every day while traveling. Bridges can be tall, short, long, wide, or narrow, with lights seen at night. Iconic bridges are known all over the world. Brenda Fulmore's four-year-old granddaughter decided she wanted to be an architect after coloring in the bridges coloring book.

Fulmore helps children color their way into imagining their "Greatness."

Brenda Fulmore holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Her career spans 27 years in corporate America's financial sector in leadership roles and 12 years at Winston-Salem State University before retiring in 2022.

She was one of the leaders of the Winston-Salem Creative Corridors Coalition, a nonprofit organization during its formative years and served on the design steering committee in the development of community-linking projects, such as the Twin Arches, Strollway Bridge, and the award-winning Green Street Pedestrian Bridge. She enjoys community collaborative engagement partnership with local and regional city officials. Through this volunteer work she was inspired to write her books. She is serving a second term on the Winston-Salem Community Appearance Commission Board as vice-chair.

Brenda was born in Lumberton, NC, and moved to Brooklyn, NY, when she was three. She is from a family of 15 children and the youngest. She is a single parent of two adult daughters and a proud grandmother of eight grandchildren. She moved to Winston-Salem, NC, in 1993. Brenda loves family and community and enjoys playing music independently in her spare time.


5.0 out of 5 stars

This coloring book not only let my little one express herself, but it also helped her with coloring in the lines. She really is enjoying this coloring book.

Priscilla Fulmore