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Business Management and Leadership Strategies in the Competitive Market

Business Management and Leadership Strategies in the Competitive Market

By Dr. Jameel AhmedPublisher: ParamountISBN: 978-1801281805Genre: Non-Fiction, Business Leadership Price: $13.50
Available from: Amazon

The business environment is a commonly used term and highlights all the factors and forces that can possibly affect the business. The business environment in the modern world is as dynamic as it can be. The constantly changing demands and trends affect businesses immensely, along with the change in the demands, the environment of the business needs to be in sync with the work environment to make sure the operations run as seamlessly as possible. The book is an epic piece of writing and highlights all the factors and external constraints to make it a life-changing read for anyone who wants to succeed in the competitive business market. If you want to see yourself as a successful business person, grab your copies to learn more!

Born and raised in UAE, Jameel Ahmed completed his high school studies and pursued management studies in India alongside a flourishing career in “Organizational Management.” Jameel Ahmed is an award-winning author of “Business Management and Leadership Strategies in the Competitive Market.” The book has been awarded for 2022 PenCraft Books Awards for Literary Excellence-Non-Fiction-Business/Finance category Runner up-winner. The PenCraft Book Award, LA, USA represents books of distinction and criteria for literacy examples with notable demonstration of popularity among the readers. The Book also has received global admiration from business enthusiasts, student communities, and various management institutions since its launch in 2021. Interestingly, the book has fifteen chapters as a research guide for new entrepreneurs and students, detailing various global business concepts and best practices to succeed. With 23 years of international business expertise, Jameel brings diverse experiences to the table from his work as founder and CEO of ZERCO Companies, entrepreneur, board member, scholar, mentor, volunteer, researcher, and business leader. 


If you are a business leader that inspires change or an entrepreneur who want to dive into the sea of business opportunities, this book is for you! This book is even for students exploring business management. Dr. Jameel Ahmed has covered all areas of business, management and leadership in his book. This book takes you through a pragmatic approach to leadership and change management and if you follow these steps, you don’t need to worry about not making it in your world.

Very informative chapters, and a terrific book that will help to follow through the covid pandemic impacts and other global business prerequisites. Author has successfully met his mission to provide the reader with the insight to become a thoughtful leader and help them transform their business to an organization that can withstand the current market challenges. Leadership models, market and economy and various theories are encouraging to read through. This is a must read for everyone who is passionate about transformation and learn about diverse global business world.

It’s a very well written book, unlike some other books I’ve read before where they use fancy words all over the place. This book captured my attention from the beginning, and the language used was easily understood because it relates to our current time. The business management strategies are well organized and articulated we