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Catfish Corner

Catfish Corner

By Cynthia Geouge DavisPublisher: CGDavis Press LLCISBN: eBook 979-8-9889446-0-7 Paperback 979-8-9889446-1-4Genre: Southern Humor/SatirePrice: $12.00 Paperback $8.99 eBook
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Laugh your way through the goings-on of the wonderful folks living in Catfish Corner, North Carolina where the tea’s sweet and the biscuits are better, and the unexpected is the norm. From baptisms and tent revivals to pontoon-boat-led funeral processions, to gassy babies blowing it out in church and Mama’s boys missing a few tassels off their corn, Catfish Corner has it all. So, pull up a porch chair and ice-up the sweet tea. Funny’s coming!

Cynthia Geouge Davis is a Tarheel born and bred currently residing in Hickory, North Carolina with her beloved husband and their hound dawg who has opinions and a profound love of peanut butter. Her diverse career in professional nursing and administration, in addition to her many years in church music ministry, has allowed her to laugh, live, and love with dear Southern folks from all walks of life. When she’s not writing or thinking about doing it, she’s enjoying life with hubby and hound, loving on the Grands, and watching golfers hook their shots and roam her backyard looking for their lost balls – bless their hearts - all while sipping a fine glass of her homemade Mama Juice.


Catfish Corner’s cast of riotous, flawed characters keep getting into trouble, but you’ll love them, warts and all. Their laugh-out-loud antics are relatable, especially if you’re a church-going Southerner or have ever lived in a small town where everyone knows, or thinks they know the intimate details of their neighbors. The author lovingly pokes fun at many aspects of church life and also paints a heartwarming picture of a small town where the characters cheer for the good guys and scorn the bad guys. I plan to get copies of this gem of short stories for my friends and sisters, so we can enjoy these funny folks together.


Christine Simolke, Children of Italy