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By Clare E. Adkin, JrPublisher: Warren PublishingISBN: 978-1-960146-83-0Genre: Historical fictionPrice: $32.66 hardcopy; $17.66 paper
Available from: Warren Publishing

Some have said “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” but in the Dailey brothers’ case, the opposite had been true. … In many respects, they were familiar strangers. Although estranged brothers Larry and David Dailey are settled in their respective professions, their personal lives are far from stable. Since their separation following high school twenty-two years earlier, they have seen little of each other. Time, distance, and an unwitting mother fostered misunderstandings that grew into full-blown hostility. While attempting to live the carefree lifestyle he believes his brother has long enjoyed, David ends up taking Larry back home to possibly become part of the family business. Serendipitously bound together as they follow Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago, the brothers must confront each other in order to let go of their animosity and heal the emotional wounds they’ve been nurturing for years. At times hilarious, at times heart wrenching, Chance is a time-honored American story of bitter sibling rivalry, elapsed brotherly love and the ultimate home coming.

For most of his life Clare E. Adkin, Jr. daydreamed about exploring Route 66 from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. He finally lived that dream in May 2011 and ever since then he wanted to do it again. A career high school history teacher, Adkin always tried to instill in his students how it was to live in another time and place. In this novel, Chance, his most recent work, Adkin creates that sensation for his readers—September 1963, traveling from the west end of the Santa Monica Pier in California to the foot of Adams Street in Chicago. For most of his life, Adkin lived and taught in little towns along Lake Michigan where he sets the home of his main characters. He had a second teaching career in North Carolina and makes his home with his wife Sally in Durham, NC.


Adkin’s novel, set in the ’60’s, is a thoroughly researched story, rich in family relationships, travel, romance, and history, with a surprise twist at the end. Jump in the backseat and ride along.

Alice A. Joyce, former editor, Carolina Alumni Review magazine.