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Chasing the Wind

Chasing the Wind

By Rose CushingPublisher: Cushing PublishingISBN: 9798988957548Genre: Romantic AdventurePrice: $18.99
Available from: Cushing Publishing

Stacy Kent lived in a small town in North Carolina. New Bern was her hometown and quite beautiful sitting on the Neuse River. Stacy was a horsewoman, a moderately successful writer, and happy with her career.

One morning she got a telephone call that changed her life forever. Her cousin had passed away. She must travel to Boca Ratan, FL for the funeral and to wrap up loose ends of the estate. When she arrives, she is informed that she is the sole heir of Annie and her husband’s massive fortune.

Now a billionaire, with businesses, and properties all over the world her life changes. It’s what everyone wishes for, to wake up a millionaire, but is it all she thought it would be? Her journey into this new life begins as she sets sail to discover how she will adapt to these changes. Filled with adventure, love, and introspect into herself Stacy begins to find her way.

Rose Cushing is a successful entrepreneur. Her love of writing came from her career as a newspaper reporter for various local newspapers. She has had hundreds of articles and photos published. From there she went on to publish a regional equestrian magazine for many years. She has been a television host and producer of Carolina Hoofbeats TV as well as several additional equestrian television shows. Rose also is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. She is the founder and host of the popular Today’s Horsewoman podcast.
Chasing the Wind is Rose’s first novel. In addition to writing, Rose hosts two literary podcasts: Carolina Writer’s Speak and Speaking of Writing, and owns Cushing Publishing.


Take an afternoon off…. Find yourself a comfortable place. Let the breeze blow across you and read this book!! Lose yourself. Rose Cushing is a passionate person, she is an elegant woman, she is a gifted author. ‘Chasing The Wind’ invites you to go on a journey we all dream about. What would you do if you won the lottery?….Better yet… what would you do if your favorite relative died and left you everything? Do you actually know what your dreams are? How would it change your life? How would this change you as a person? Loved it!!!! READ IT!!!!—-

Jeramie West, Professional Horse Trainer

Could not put it down! A very well written book that takes you on a trip around the Caribbean sailing, horses and writing what more could you want? Oh yeah and a lot of money! 5 stars!

M. Pridgen, Wilmington