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Count Saint Germain

Count Saint Germain

By Paul AndrewsPublisher: Kindle Direct PublishingISBN: B0CG3XVJB1Genre: Historical fiction, AdventurePrice: $8.99
Available from: Amazon

Who is the mysterious Count of Saint-German? The immortal alchemist - the Man Who Would Not Die - the Wonderman of Europe. He travels the globe from Britain to the Himalayas. He plays a behind-the-scenes role in the Scottish Rebellion, a Russian coup d'etat, even the French Revolution! And he never appears to age. So is he truly immortal … or merely a handsome, clever charlatan?

Join the Count on his next adventure, bringing peace to a warring Europe, ending the bloody Seven Years War. To do so, he must risk the jealous court of Versailles, help a Russian princess become Tzarina, and guide an angry France to democracy. Along the way he will enlist the likes of Madame de Pompadour, Catherine the Great, the Marquis de Lafayette, and his first love, Luciana.

Paul Andrews is the author of numerous historical adventure novels, all with a touch of romance. He also writes the popular LOST-IN-HISTORY.com blog & podcast on historical topics, people & events still relevant in today's ever changing world. He has 7 books available on Amazon to enjoy, from novels to short stories. 'The Man Who Would Not Die' is his feature historical novel about the ageless, alchemist, adventurer, Count Saint-Germain.

Paul Andrews grew up in rural Pennsylvania, the grandson of immigrant coal miners. He has lived and worked in Manhattan and Washington D.C. before meeting his spouse and moving to warmer climes and a slower pace of life in the U.S. South. He currently resides in North Carolina with his wife, children and two cats. Be sure to check out Paul Andrews' website for his Blog, Podcasts, YouTube Mini-Docs at lost-in-history.com.