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Death Under the Steeple

Death Under the Steeple

By Ruben D. GonzalesPublisher: Indigo Sea PressISBN: 9781630665678Genre: MysteryPrice: 14.95
Available from: Amazon

Emma Shaw, photojournalist and now a business owner, is compelled to investigate the murder of the well-loved, charismatic preacher found dead in his baptismal font of the man's church in her small mountain hometown of Black Mountain. The hole in the man's head makes it look like murder, but could it be suicide? When Emma's father is accused of the crime, Emma must gather all her talents to prove his innocence, including her ability to see a person's aura. The gift, a hand me down from her Cherokee ancestors, allows Emma to see if people are lying to her. A valuable asset when trying to solve a murder.

Ruben D. Gonzales was born and raised in East Los Angeles and after college, he joined the Peace Corps. He spent two years living in a stick-built house without electricity or running water. He spent his evenings reading and writing by candlelight. Before retiring, Gonzales was Director of Development for the City of Winston-Salem. Now he writes full-time and teaches part-time with the community college system.


DEATH UNDER THE STEEPLE by Ruben D. Gonzales transports readers back to the picturesque town of Black Mountain in western North Carolina to solve another murder. In this book, as in the others in the series, Gonzales has created well-developed characters with intriguing backgrounds, as well as numerous suspects with believable motives. Its protagonist, Emma Shaw, is someone readers will root for—she’s intelligent and independent and makes good use of the keen observational skills she’s developed as a photographer. Her family connections to the town allow her to access relevant clues while also providing a strong motive for her amateur sleuthing. Another great entry in the series, this book can easily be read as a stand-alone. Lovers of traditional mysteries who enjoy realistic depictions of small-town life, intriguing plots, and well-crafted characters should definitely check out DEATH UNDER THE STEEPLE.



Victoria Gilbert, author of the Blue Ridge Library Mystery, the Booklovers B&B, and the Hunter and Clewe mystery series

In his third mystery set in his Black Mountain Series, DEATH UNDER THE STEEPLE, Ruben Gonzales does not disappoint.
Emma Shaw, photojournalist and now photography shop owner, feels compelled to once again stick her unwanted nose into a police investigation. A well-loved, charismatic preacher is found dead in the church baptismal with a bullet wound in his head, and since Emma’s father and the reverend had had a disagreement, the inept sheriff is determined to pin the murder on him and refuses to look for other suspects.
Determined to prove her father innocent, Emma enlists the help of her sort-of boyfriend, Jeff and sets out to find the real killer or at least another suspect.
Though she’s threatened and physically attacked on more than one occasion, she doesn’t give up even when her father hides, not only from the police, but from her, too.
Will Emma be successful in finding the right killer, so an innocent man doesn’t have to pay for a crime he didn’t commit?

Agnes Alexander, prolific writer of over 50 books in the mystery, romance, and western genres including the recent, THE FRIENDLY CREEK - 5- Book Series. All of her books in print can be found on Amazon.

A feisty heroine, a mountain community with colorful characters, and a twisty mystery make Death Under the Steeple a compelling read. Emma Shaw has solved murders using her ability to see auras, but this time the main suspect is her father. Was the young preacher murdered, or did he commit suicide? The future of the church, as well as the land, depends on the answer, an answer Emma has to find to clear her father’s name.

In this third installment of the Black Mountain Mysteries, Ruben Gonzales once again fills his story with a wealth of detail, bringing to life the people and the world of Black Mountain.


Jane Tesh, author of the Mountain Lodge Mysteries.