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Drawn from Life

Drawn from Life

By Sarah P. BlanchardPublisher: Eagle Ridge FarmISBN: 979-8-218/-33228-0Genre: Literary/Psychological SuspensePrice: $18.99

LIfe-changing tragedy. Conflicting memories. Is she a victim or a killer?
Emma Gillen is haunted by guilt. Almost a decade after surviving a deadly crash on a remote Appalachian mountain, she’s held hostage by long-term damage to her body and has no recollection of that tragic event. Then her volatile cousin Lucy returns, needing money and bringing chaos. Emma must decide if she should bargain with the manipulative, untrustworthy Lucy—a possible witness to the crash—to uncover their shared past.

All bargains carry risk. As Lucy grows more desperate and greedy, Emma suspects there’s more at stake than just money. Struggling with shame, night terrors, and her own unreliable memory, Emma accepts help from a compassionate detective. But the choice remains hers alone: Can she find the strength to free herself from her cousin’s destructive power, or will everything come crashing down? Pursuing the truth may lead Emma toward understanding and redemption, or it could destroy her life.

Drawn from Life is a powerful story of conflict, courage, and resilience.

Sarah P. Blanchard’s poems and stories have been published in literary journals, magazines, and online. She was a finalist for the 2021 Doris Betts Fiction Prize and is the author of the 2023 story collection, Playing Chess with Bulls. A graduate of the University of Connecticut and Nichols College in Massachusetts, she’s a New England native who divides her time between northeastern Connecticut and western North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, her horse, and one very small dog.


Skillfully layers suspense and red herrings throughout, keeping the story humming with muscular prose and deft characterizations. Blanchard’s prowess in storytelling and expert delivery of suspenseful set-ups will delight thriller buffs. An expertly plotted thriller powered by twisty suspense and memorable characters.


A psychological thriller worthy of placement alongside the novels of the masters in that genre: Stephen King, James Patterson, Lee Child, Gillian Flynn.

Lorraine Cobcroft, Reedsy Discovery

Exudes a palpable sense of conviction, carrying readers effortlessly into the intricate world of vibrant characters and the ruggedly beautiful landscape of North Carolina…. This literary tale makes for a gripping narrative of redemption, fortitude, and bravery.