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Feathers to Stone

Feathers to Stone

By Joan LeottaPublisher: Main Street RagISBN: 978-1-59948-43-8Genre: Poetry Price: $14.00
Available from: Main Street Rag

Poetry that explores relationships and celebrates small encounters, moments--with nature, food, family, ideas, and dreams. Poems for people who like stories and for those who do not think they like poetry.

Joan Leotta plays with words on page and stage with her tales of food, family, and strong women. She is a Pushcart and Best of the Net poet who has also written award winning short stories, cnf, newspaper and magazine feature articles, and novels.


Written in a clear voice, Feathers on Stone  (Main Street Rag, 2022), the
poems in Joan Leotta’s newest chapbook comprise a wise and insightful
bricolage. They shimmer through an ordinary and authentic lens on daily
life. Joan Leotta allows us to tag along through her observations,
anecdotes, dreams and memories. In the chapbook’s three sections, the
poet-performer-storyteller encounters the daily in every season: childhood,
adolescence (hers and others), adulthood and older age. She wades into
the “Autumn” of life and the reality of growing older in “Aging.” Her poems
include vignettes of her husband, mother, daughter and late son; ekphrastic
allusions to Rothko, Murillo and Pocahontas; Deep South flavors and Italian
flavors, and firefly moments of wonder and wondering.

Lynda Rush-Myers