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Hasta Mañana

Hasta Mañana

By Carolyn WilkersonPublisher: Dorrance Publishing CompanyISBN: 979-8-89027-010-8Genre: Crime Mystery/ThrillerPrice: $13.99 Apple Books / $9.99 Amazon Kindle / $13.00 Dorrance eBook / $18.00 Paperback
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Hasta Mañana tells the story of Border Patrol Agent Myriam Valencia’s search for the drug smuggler who gave her son drugs that killed him, while also addressing illegal immigration and the difficult task of patrolling the southwestern border.

While this timeless story is based on things that could happen, it also highlights the story of an adolescent mother, who had to first raise herself, and who had to make the hard decisions about the needs and responsibilities of her child, and her parental rights. In the end, she must choose between friendship and justice.

Critically acclaimed author, Carolyn Wilkerson, wishes you, the reader, to take away an authentic depiction of reality and its many diverse interpretations, as it currently exists on all sides of border/migration management issues, considering their inextricably intertwined, social, cultural, and economic factors.

Carolyn Wilkerson is a tenured professor of education and current Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness at Livingstone College. She received her doctorate in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education from Rutgers University with a post-doctoral study at the University of Phoenix. With an extensive educational background from K-12 teacher, school principal, to collegiate professor, it is no surprise that a woman dedicated to education has now published a book to help others.

Wilkerson was also a single mother whose son is now a retired U.S. Federal Agent and he is helping her to fulfill a dream deferred. Hasta Mañana, Wilkerson’s debut novel, would not be the work it is without the research and consultation of her son and his former colleagues at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Although Wilkerson has used her writing skills to author professional documents, she notes that she is shy by nature and a closet writer of fiction and poetry for many years. Writing is a way Wilkerson liberated her thoughts from her head, even when no one read them but her. She encourages others who have had to make practical choices in years past to revisit their childhood dreams and embrace the passion that might still be there.


Hasta Mañana is a fast-moving and exciting thriller novel with great characters and a story where the line between the bad guys and good guys is crossed as often as the U.S. border. Wilkerson accurately portrayed my experience of working as a Border Patrol Agent while keeping me entertained the whole way with each chapter drawing me to the next, leading to an unexpected conclusion.

Mike Molloy, U.S. Border Patrol Agent in Charge, Retired

Miriam, a teenage mother, now 34 years old…
A son turning eighteen who only knows her as an older sister and…
The son’s drug overdose before she can tell him the truth…
All sets the stage for Miriam’s wild ride that launches when she joins the Border Patrol to uncover the source of the smuggled drugs. From there her ride spins into well more than she bargained for when she learns the realities of border life and who to trust while dealing with her own mother on her deathbed. By the end Miriam is propelled not only to the shocking conclusion, but one that puts her very life on the line. An unparalleled adventure based in fact, not fantasy. Why hasn’t Hollywood come knocking yet?

David W. Kennewick, WA

Hasta Mañana is a true page turner. I connected very quickly with the central character of the story and was rooting for her throughout this highly suspenseful thriller. The backdrop of the story is set on the U.S. /Mexico border and accurately depicts the complexities of the relevant issues relating to the border today. I highly recommend this book and congratulate Ms. Wilkerson on her outstanding work!

Kevin McLaughlin, Retired Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security