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Iced: A Matthew Paine Mystery

Iced: A Matthew Paine Mystery

By Lee Clark Publisher: Cypress River Media LLCISBN: 979-8-9864074-3-2 (e-book), 979-8-9864074-4-9 (paperback), 979-8-9864074-5-6 (hardcover)Genre: Traditional (Classic) Mystery (Series), Thriller/CrimePrice: $6.99 (e-book), $19.99 (paperback), $27.99 (hardcover)

A cunning killer toys with police…

Leaving unconnected mystifying clues, always one step ahead.

Can Matthew outwit him?

Matthew Paine thought he was intelligent. After medical school, the thirty-year-old is confident of his abilities. Until a brilliant but ruthless psychopath with an enormous ego challenges that.

Should Matthew run for his life? Or do whatever it takes to catch a crazed murderer?

When the first victim’s car – containing a surprise meant to be seen before it is destroyed – blows up in Matthew’s face the decision becomes clear.

Balancing a demanding medical practice with an intense investigation means little sleep and lots of angst.

Is Matthew up for the challenge?

You’ll love Iced – the chilling fifth book in Lee Clark’s Matthew Paine Mystery series – because everyone enjoys suspenseful plot twisting classic whodunit mysteries.

Get it now.

Lee Clark, author of the Matthew Paine Mystery series, "writes like Agatha Christie" according to multiple reviews across the books on goodreads and Amazon. Clark is a North Carolina native, originally from Raleigh, with family roots in Virginia. An admitted chocoholic and coffeeholic, Lee Clark still resides in North Carolina with spouse, two mostly grown children who are in and out, and a small petting zoo of dogs and cats.

The Matthew Paine character is a beloved character to the author. Although fictional, the character was inspired by two very important men in the author’s life, brother Sean and son Will. Both will see characteristics of themselves in the character and identify with some of Matthew’s struggles.

Lee Clark attended Campbell University, obtained a degree in Journalism from East Carolina University, and then a Master’s in Technical Communication from North Carolina State University. After over twenty years in the technical realm of corporate America, Clark turned to writing fiction in 2021 with the release of Dead Spots, the first in the Matthew Paine Mystery series.


Lee Clark has hit her stride with this book. Iced: A Matthew Paine Mystery is the fifth book in the Matthew Paine Mysteries and is the best yet. This novel brings in all the favorite characters from her earlier books, has a great plot, good pacing, tension in all the right places, and kept me guessing. Just what I want in a good mystery.

I love the friendship between Matthew Paine, the physician, and Danbury the Detective. They make a good crime-solving team with each of them bringing special skills to the table to solve murder investigations. There are multiple murders in this one, but common threads are found. The setting at the strip club was interesting, as well as the interactions with the homeless and the way both Matthew and Danbury reach out to help those in need. I liked getting to know more about Penn, Danbury’s girlfriend.

I’ve followed this series from the start and watched the author grow and become more confident. The writing as well as the characters have grown and this book showcases the maturity. I look forward to the next Matthew Paine adventure.

Goodreads 5 star recommendation

Iced is the latest in Lee Clark’s Matthew Paine series. Iced takes you in all kinds of directions as Mathew, a small town family doctor, and Detective Danbury attempt to solve their latest crime mystery together. But it’s never just one crime. And it’s never just one mystery! Each book in the series has further developed the main characters and their relationships with each other. With Iced, it feels as if you are right there in the fictional town of Peak, NC, eating at the Peak’s Eats Diner.

When a body, a frozen body, is found floating in the pool of a house while the family is away on a long vacation, Matthew and Danbury begin the search for the killer and they take you along for the ride. How did the body get there, why is it frozen, and how can the victim’s strikingly blue eyes still be so vibrant that long after her death?

Another well written story that you will have trouble putting down.

BookBub Recommendation (5 stars)

I was really excited to read this next installment in the Matthew Paine series. I had gotten to love the characters in the previous book, so it was fun to see their next steps. The story is about a woman who is found frozen, but the detective can’t figure out who, how, and why. These questions remain until the surprise ending. Along the way there are many unexpected paths that lead to the killer. It’s exciting, interesting, and I got to use some of my Spanish knowledge with the inclusion of a wide variety of characters including one who speaks Spanish. The book is very well written. I like how even the minor characters are important. I would highly recommend this book to those who like mysteries.

Goodreads 5 star recommendation