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Kidnapping Steve

Kidnapping Steve

By C. JulianoPublisher: Penny PublishingISBN: 979-8986083704Genre: Fiction, Dark ComedyPrice: $14.00
Available from: Amazon

A comedic take on betrayals, bad ideas, and lost love in the tropics.

When a catalog model turned college student and a sun-soaked visionary join forces, a small beach town is turned on its head.

C. Juliano grew up surfing, fishing and working odd jobs on Florida’s Space Coast. Writing short stories and feature articles for local publications, Chris now resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with his wife Denise and dog Simba.


With crisp, wised-up prose and a talent for capturing what it feels like when situations spin out of control, Juliano (author of Triple Overtime, another Billy Winslow misadventure) sets this caper apart through the voice and perspective of Billy, an engagingly shiftless protagonist who clearly needs a healthy creative outlet—here, he chronicles the high-stakes kidnapping through the perspective of a crime-fighting alter ego called Flash. Excerpts from Flash’s manuscript A Kidnapping in Paradise give the novel a playful edge, even as they reveal much about Billy’s sense of self: “Flash wasn’t the beast he’d once thought. He had a softer side.”


Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

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