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Murder in Mennefer

Murder in Mennefer

By A.L. SiroisPublisher: Fitzroy BooksISBN: Kindle ASIN: B0CD9YVLS3; Paperback ISBN-10: ‎1646034724; ISBN-13: ‎978-1646034727Genre: YA HistoricalPrice: Kindle $8.49, Paperback $16.76
Available from: Amazon

After thirteen-year-old Imhotep's architect father, Kaneferw, is inexplicably killed on a construction site, Imhotep learns that his father's business profits have gone missing. Forced to work in a grisly abattoir to make ends meet, Imhotep discovers that Ahmose, his father's apprentice, is mysteriously connected not only to the missing funds but also to a grandiose plot orchestrated by the terrorist Sons of Atum to overthrow the king. When a family friend, in whom he has confided, is suddenly poisoned, Imhotep knows that time is running out— both to seek justice for his murdered father and to save the royal family from a bloody coup.

A.L. Sirois is a writer, ghostwriter, developmental editor, illustrator & graphic artist. His first book was a children's book, Dinosaur Dress Up, published in 1992. Since then, he’s published several other books, mostly science fiction, fantasy, and horror, with occasional works of mainstream fiction. He has also ghostwritten more than a dozen works of science fiction and fantasy, as well as memoirs and cozy mysteries. Murder in Mennefer, the first book of his YA trilogy set in ancient Egypt, was published in June 2024.


Sirois’ newest is the first in a potential trilogy set during Egypt’s third dynasty. Mystery reigns as readers are taken on Imhotep’s search for answers to his father’s death. Bursting with intrigue and deception, this fun and fresh coming-of-age tale takes readers through the streets of ancient Egypt.

Savannah Patterson, BOOKLISTONLINE

Deftly navigating the twists and turns of ancient Egypt, Murder in Mennefer is a timeless tale of deceit, devotion, and intrigue.


The way this story is tied together challenges its place in the genre it is categorized under. As an adult woman, I had a blast reading this murder mystery, told through the eyes of a character who I have close to nothing in common with. Nonetheless, I enjoyed Murder in Mennefer from beginning to end and I emphasize that the Young Adult label tacked onto this book should not deter people of any and all ages from picking it up off the shelves, or online, and giving it a go.

It would be a terrible shame if A.L.Sirois stopped at one book only. This isn’t meant to remain a standalone story and I am certain fans of Murder in Mennefer will share the same sentiment. If we don’t see a return with Imhotep, perhaps a series with each installment following a different fictional character in a different location along the Nile River, hundreds to thousands of years in the past will firmly cement our eternal loyalty to Sirois’ talented storytelling.