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My Mind Is Not Yours: Welcome to Tarot Tori City

My Mind Is Not Yours: Welcome to Tarot Tori City

By Eliot D. EsparzaPublisher: Eliot D. EsparzaISBN: 979-8985232929Genre: Urban Fantasy, Young AdultPrice: Hardcover $24.99, Paperback $16.99, eBook 7.99

"Nothing can escape these eyes!"

Apparition Vision - the power capable of deciphering people's souls. Female sleuth Florian Lilly Cobblestone is meticulously mastering this supernatural power. Florian sees everyone's unique spirits while hers remains unseen. She seeks help from psychologist Dr. Ronaldo Von Nirvanas. As he studies Florian's abilities, they encounter criminals hiding in Tarot Tori City.
This is the beginning of an eccentric genius detective vs. criminal masterminds series. Prepare for dynamic battles of wits with bizarre elements.   (This novel is released in four parts.)_

“No one’s born for a single purpose; they’re born for the infinite possibilities of the future.” Eliot D. Esparza is a rising author born in North Carolina. He’s half Filipino and half Hispanic.  He writes with his whole spirit using his accumulated knowledge from his life.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. He studied and explored multiple career paths, from Education to Anthropology. He worked in AmeriCorps ACCESS with the Center for New North Carolinians and AmeriCorps National with Forsyth Habitat for Humanity, supporting the community. He is the son of a librarian- volunteering since he could walk in the public library. He is an amateur astronomer- participating in numerous public observations, engrossing himself in science at a very young age. He enjoys playing tabletop games, TCGs, and video games. He loves analyzing thought-provoking stories across all mediums and strives for the most entertaining science fiction possible.


I love this whimsical yet suspicious air over this entire story — there’s this great balance of lightness that always has a slight shadow of danger and “when is the other shoe going to drop?” that keeps me turning these pages.

Bianca Orellana, author of We Are Eternal