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Nature’s Sorrows & Nature’s Joys

Nature’s Sorrows & Nature’s Joys

By S T Kimbrough, Jr.Publisher: Wipf and Stock PublishersISBN: 978-1-6667-6962-3Genre: PoetryPrice: $28 (Hardcover), $13.00 (paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)

What if many desirable things in nature were no longer there?—clean air, freshly grown vegetables, wildflowers, a waterfall, a green forest, fresh trout from a stream, autumn leaves, sunrise, sunset, mineral-rich farmland, etc. These poems address openly both the sorrows we face with forces that destroy nature and the things we celebrate in nature that provide much of humankind's joy and sustenance. What difference can a poet's words make? Words alone cannot save nature. Perhaps poetry can help to shape new visions of hope for the nature we know and are ever discovering.

S T Kimbrough, Jr. holds a PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary and is current a research fellow of the Center of Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition at Duke Divinity School. He has taught on leading faculties in the USA (Princeton, New Brunswick, Washington, DC, Madison, NJ) and abroad (Bonn University, Germany). He is also an internationally known opera/musical/recital/recording artists, who has published books in many different fields: biblical studies, theology, English literature, literature banned by the Third Reich, and thirteen volumes of poetry.


In this newest collection of his wonderful poetry, S T Kimbrough allows his readers’ eyes and imaginations to catch creation in brief glimpses. Here is a family of swans. There is a black bear that has just finished his breakfast that was delivered by a passing stream. And just beyond the back door there is a one-step drop to the space where species shop for whatever suits their dietary fancy. These poems show and tell us about nature, which is under attack and sometimes seems to be striking back. gives blessings in such abundance that it can bear the glorious message of our redemption.

William B. Lawrence, Southern Methodist University

The author focusses on the environment through the aesthetics of poetry, through the ethics of human actions, and ways of dwelling and seeing in both the jeopardy to human life and even more to human flourishing, which is teleologically reflected throughout this collection dealing with nature. S T does not force anybody to view nature as he does, but invites us to have a transformative experience of what we see. He provides clues, keyholes if you will, to view nature and takes us to the clues to see matters for ourselves and exercise our aesthetics without restraint.

Charles Amjad-Ali, Ph.D., Th.D

Read, reflect, respond, repeat. Step into motion pictures as you read these poems. The collection begins with human-caused disruptions to nature and moves into an invitation to beauty. Encompassing the globe, the seasons, urban and rural, flora and fauna, air, water, and even outer space, S T Kimbrough’s poems are convicting, nostalgic, whimsical, and fun. Be inspired to take responsibility.

Mark Terwilliger, UMC Earthkeeper