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Now or Never–personal stories about courage and regret, danger and desire, …about choosing

Now or Never–personal stories about courage and regret, danger and desire, …about choosing

By Randell JonesPublisher: Daniel Boone Footsteps PublishingISBN: 979-8-9902784-1-7Genre: Narrative non-fiction / MemoirPrice: $20.95
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Vol. 10 in the Personal Story Publishing Project collection, Now or Never, offers 41 writers sharing their personal stories of experiences and decisions hinged on a moment in time. “Now or never” is a turning point, a hope, an admonition, an intersection of paths ahead to take, to avoid, or to create. “Now” and “Never” are also states of being—living in the present, accepting what is or dealing with the roadblock, the closed door, the helping hand no longer extended. With decisions made and consequences encountered, for better or worse, we each move ahead balancing out our Nows and Nevers. Through 41 short stories, you share in the personal experiences of writers—both new voices and seasoned storytellers. They skillfully share and reflect on life episodes, offering lessons learned, cautions for consideration, and encouragements for the journeys of others. Through these stories we glean a glimpse into the experiences of these writers. We consider how time comes into play in their lives and in ours—stories about courage and regrets, about facing danger as well as desires, about choosing and continuing on.

Randell Jones has been the editor/publisher of the Personal Story Publishing Project series since 2018, and host/narrator of the companion "6-minute Stories" podcast since 2019. He is an award-winning author of several history books of the Revolutionary War and pioneer eras; and the recipient of the national History Award Medal from the National Society, Daughters of the America Revolution. Invited member of the Road Scholars Speakers Bureau of the North Carolina Humanities Council for 14 years. Frequent contributor of over 150 history-based guest columns to the Winston-Salem Journal editorial pages during the last 25 years.


A stunning achievement. I have shared my copies with friends and, after reading Now or Never, they have shared their tears – and laughter – with me. You weave a shimmering cloth of life, death, and the moving steps – and moving boxes – in between. What a marvelous book. Thank you for all you do.

Mary Alice Dixon, Charlotte

Your Personal Story Publishing Project has really lit a fire under me to tell more stories. I’m working on a submission for your next anthology.

Sandy (S.G.) Benson, Asheville

The opportunity you give so many of us to share stories is immeasurable. That they bring perspective, wisdom, and laughter in formulae unique to each reader and writer cannot be overstated. With great appreciation.

Bill Donohue, Winston-Salem