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One Hundred and Twenty-Six Days, The Unthinkable Journey

One Hundred and Twenty-Six Days, The Unthinkable Journey

By Holly RichardPublisher: Realization PressISBN: 978-1-944662-71-4Genre: Nonfiction Price: $16.00
Available from: Amazon

One Hundred and Twenty-Six Days, The Unthinkable Journey is a deeply emotional, nonfiction account by first-time author Holly Richard about how life can radically change in the blink of an eye. The book throws you onto an unthinkable path as the family is ambushed and violently hurled onto the cancer battlefield. What follows is nothing anyone could ever imagine. The author's unfathomable journey is translated to the reader in devastating detail.
Strap in and prepare to ride on this family's emotional rollercoaster that blasts you through a series of chapters where it is hard to catch your breath as you whip through the darkest of tunnels at lightning speed. Glimpses of light and hope follow, but then the author tosses the reader into an unrecognizable world.

At a critical juncture, the story becomes reflective as the author looks back on events and shares insights and a deeper self-examination of how to somehow survive a broken heart. Holly challenges her faith and struggles with isolation and loneliness as she desperately searches for truth and the tools to endure. In the last section, she offers guidance and comfort for others who might find themselves walking the beaten path of bends and curves that is brutally painful and exhausting yet necessary in order to somehow move forward.

Holly Richard began her career in the disability field in the 1990s, working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This experience was the catalyst for her enrolling in college while working and raising two children. Over the past 20+ years, Holly has served in executive leadership roles for several nonprofits in North Carolina. Having the honor to be a part of some amazing organizations has given her an inside view of the ironclad lifeline between parents and their children. These brave-hearted parents along with the courageous parents she has met in her grief journey has given Holly the courage to write her first book. Learn more here.


Holly has delivered a beautiful, emotional tribute to her son Derek (a soldier) as he faced his toughest battle, with brain cancer.

David Arons, Chief Executive Officer of the National Brain Tumor Society

Anyone who has lost a child will relate to Holly Richard’s story. It is part memoir, part poetry, part documentary of the Titanic of all cancers—glioblastoma.

—Amanda Lamb, author and journalist- News Reporter WRAL-TV

Holly provides a mirror into the depths of a mother’s soul who has experienced the gut-wrenching loss of a child to brain cancer.

Brenda Wilcox RN, MSN, AOCNS, AGCNS-BC Transitional Care Navigator Cancer Care Plus, Duke Cancer Institute