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Palmade Poiēmas: For This Is My Handiwork

Palmade Poiēmas: For This Is My Handiwork

By Sienna L. M.Publisher: Sienna L. M. | Inspirational Literary ArtistISBN: 979-8-218-17406-4Genre: Poetry / Inspirational and Religious PoetryPrice: $25.00
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Through her love for archaic language and esoteric meanings, Sienna L.M. concretely and didactically explores her musings as a Poiētēs, in her 30 poem debut.

Chronicling her poetic genesis—this Ars Poetica collection articulates what it means to be inspired, and in succession, to inspire—results in the presentable workmanship [Poiēma] of her hands.

Sienna Morgan, who publishes literary art as Sienna L. M., is a poet born, living, and writing in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Sienna was the 2021 Colorism Healing Writing Contest Guest Judge. She is a recipient of a Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge, Artist Support Grant. She is also the author of her self-published, debut poetry chapbook, Palmade Poiēmas: For This Is My Handiwork, released on November 1, 2023. Her poems, short stories, and essays are published or are planned to be published by Colorism Healing, The Black Light Project, Black Oak Society Magazine, Midnight & Indigo, The Arrow: A Journal of Wakeful Society, Culture & Politics, and more.