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Plotless: A Coming-of-Middle-Age Story

Plotless: A Coming-of-Middle-Age Story

By Sarah Lea GloverPublisher: Manuscripts LLCISBN: Paperback ISBN: 979-8-88926-723-2 Hardcover ISBN: 979-8-88926-725-6 Digital Ebook ISBN: 979-8-88926-718-8Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Women's FictionPrice: Ebook 4.99, Paperback 18.49, Hardcover 28.99
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Inertia is a property of matter and of marriages. Lori is a nurturing type who avoids conflict, priding herself on her adaptability. Parenting keeps her too busy to face her eroding relationship with independent Ike, who is consumed by his job. Receiving only crumbs of attention and affection has left Lori starved, so she throws herself into helping others and finds that a unique new friendship gives her some of the companionship and fulfillment she’s been missing. A series of wake-up calls jolts both Lori and Ike into unavoidable conflict and self-examination, climaxing over fears for their young daughter, Claire.

Plotless has been called a nonconformist love story for middle-aged people. Many of us are feeling frustrated and fragmented in our lives and relationships. We know something is out of whack, but we’re just too damn tired to deal with it. Written as a series of vignettes, journal entries, and lists, this novel will surprise and validate readers as the protagonist and her small family break the inertia and figure out what works for them.

Sarah Lea Glover is a career nonprofit professional and a longtime creative writer. Around the fringes of her family life and the day job overseeing an anti-poverty initiative, Sarah writes novels, screenplays, and meticulously-crafted emails. A graduate of Guilford College, she lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with two artists and two cats. Plotless is her first finished novel.


Sarah Glover’s blend of dry incisive wit injects her slice of life novel Plotless with a vibrancy that turns a ‘plotless’ story into a compelling narrative of a woman’s journey to shape her place in her world.

Stephen van Vuuren, Filmmaker

Plotless is a wonderfully engaging story of the complicated and unique, yet believable, relationship between Lori and Ike. Creatively presented through lists and vignettes, the joys and trials of Lori as a working mother dedicated to service to others while dealing with the (middle) aging process will resonate with many readers.

Kathy Adams, Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, Guilford College

Plotless is a deeply satisfying story about Lori, a woman who wears many hats and cares so much. The characters and dialogue felt real and honest. This is a novel about marriage, work, parenting, sisterhood, Southernhood, poverty, and the tidiness and messy-ness in all our lives. I read Plotless in 2 days and highly recommend.

Emmadelle, Kindle Reader