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Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed

Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed

By Laurel AppelPublisher: Appel Publishers ISBN: 9798985538700Genre: Christian Non-Fiction Price: $17.95

Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed by author, Laurel Appel, examines the Biblical concept of grace that is beyond conventional thinking. The treasure of God’s grace is revealed through the authentic and vulnerable telling of her own story. Immerse yourself in a grace-focused approach to faith and relationships through understanding the power of the Spirit in your daily life and recognize that a grace-centered life is a love-centered life. Discover a new perspective on what the good news of Jesus is all about. Appel takes you on a tour of God’s grace through His word, beginning at the Garden of Eden and arriving in the arms of a Savior who loves you dearly. She reveals the beauty and power of a life that is not defined by sin, shame, and striving to obtain your own righteousness through legalistic works, but instead defined by the freedom of a new life that is blessed because of God’s radical grace.

LAUREL APPEL is an author, teacher, and freelance writer. She has over twenty-five years of experience studying and teaching the Bible and has written Bible studies for both adults and children. Her passion is to free people into the grace of God which is offered through faith in the righteousness of Jesus. She is a survivor of childhood abuse and has overcome the effects of that trauma through her extensive pursuit of God’s grace. She and her husband, Phillip, have three grown children, two of whom are married, and three precious grand-princesses who are the joy of their lives. They live and minister together in North Carolina. For fun, Laurel enjoys painting on canvases, walls, faces, or whatever surface paint adheres to, playing games, and doing interior decorating. She also enjoys being lazy, ordering dinner in, and watching stupid shows on television.


With her masterful unpacking of biblical truth and her engaging style of storytelling, Laurel reveals Jesus’ answer to living life fully free and motivated by love. Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed makes the seemingly impossible possible.

– BOB GOFF, New York Times bestselling author of Love Does, Everybody, Always, Dream Big and Undistracted

Laurel Appel’s Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed is a must-read for our time. Appel writes compellingly about what we are missing in our contemporary understanding of grace, and she does so with both persistent compassion and an unflinching clarity. I wish I would have had this book in my hands decades ago, but I am ever grateful for the gift it is to me now.

– KIMBERLY STUART, Author, speaker, and podcast host of For Real with Kimberly Stuart

Laurel’s Radical Grace is a breath of fresh air. Her stories and explanation of grace made me stop and think, read passages out loud to my husband, and discuss the topic with friends. It’s a beautiful reminder of God’s constant grace and love.

– STEPHANIE NELSON, Founder, CouponMom.com, New York Times bestselling author