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See Me: A Jeannie Johal Thriller

See Me: A Jeannie Johal Thriller

By Susann CamusPublisher: Self-PublishedISBN: 9798379130626Genre: Thriller; Suspense; Mystery; Women's Fiction; DiversityPrice: Paper:back: $13.99 Kindle: $4.87
Available from: Amazon

Jeannie Johal is a young Brown surgeon from Mumbai who fakes her own death to flee from her controlling husband. She makes a new life for herself in Canada, investigating 'never events,' when patients are harmed while in hospital.
She discovers a web of workplace intrigue fueled by professional rivalries and illicit relationships. Jeannie's investigation dovetails with the murder of a respected physician. Who killed him? Who wants to kill her? Will Jeannie be the next victim?

Susann Camus lives in Greenville, in Eastern North Carolina. She previously led investigations into 'Never Events,' when patients are harmed while in hospital. Her work experiences inspired See Me: A Jeannie Johal Thriller.


See Me is a realistic glimpse into the complexity of health system error fraught with conflict, hidden agendas, and unanticipated consequences. Camus is a masterful story teller, interweaving fact and science into an engrossing tale of intrigue, courage and human frailty. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. I hope this is not the last we hear from intrepid improver Jeannie Johal.

- Dr. John Hwang, International leader in Quality Improvement in Health Care

Lots of medical thrillers gravitate to the life or death drama of the ER or OR. Instead of placing SEE ME in those well-trod settings, Camus takes a fresh angle, placing the murder mystery in an area of medicine that was new and fascinating to me: the world of medical quality improvement. As a result, Jeannie Johal’s race to track the killer tests not her skill with a scalpel but her intellect in outmaneuvering doctors with god complexes, bigoted colleagues with ties to white nationalism, and her own past hunting her down in the form of the possessive husband she escaped in fleeing India. I devoured SEE ME over a weekend, enjoying the behind the scenes tour of medical quality work as much as Jeannie’s inspiring efforts to solve a murder and defeat many, many villains to forge her own path in Canada.

- Eric R. Anderson, Chicago Mystery Writer