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Shadowed by Fear

Shadowed by Fear

By Thomas J. DoonanPublisher: Independently publishedISBN: 9798361667574Genre: Paranormal Coming-of-AgePrice: $12.95
Available from: Amazon

Diana Navona, a high school junior in a small mountain town, lacks self-confidence, cannot be decisive when faced with choices, and is hounded by childhood phobias. Diana is driving her mom’s car weeks after getting her learner's permit when a tragic auto accident kills a friend and leaves Diana in a coma. Regaining consciousness, she is beset with nightmares of the accident, newly emerged phobias, and a belief that the accident and the friend’s death are her faults. She hallucinates and has conversations with the stuffed animals her classmates brought. A long recovery forces her to miss an entire year of school.

Bullying from other students and a misstep off a hiking trail leave her alone on a mountain at sunset. She stumbles through a meadow and forest in almost complete darkness for six hours, hounded by her phobias––the fear of being alone and darkness––and the wild calls of the woods.

A measure of respite comes when four of her VBF stuffed animal friends appear individually, boosting her self-confidence and helping battle the hallucinations. Exhausted, she stumbles upon the cabin of a hermit writer––a man steeped in Ancient Roman and philosophical training. They bond, and Diana discovers her self-confidence through a long night of philosophical discussion. At dawn, she strides into the forest to battle the demon spirits haunting her, engaging Timorus, the Roman god of fear, in a titanic battle. The following week, Diana discovers that she and her best friend share a secret.

Thomas J. Doonan believes life cannot be lived without philosophy. In the 1960s and most of the 1970s, Thomas was active in the anti-Vietnam war, anti-nuclear, women’s rights, and labor movements with several socialist organizations. The spirit of the 60’s drives his imagination and fiction.

Thomas writes about how humans behave as individuals, especially when interacting with others. He writes about the behaviors he observes with the belief that his readers will find ease from his perspectives, for often, they make the same observations. His task is to craft these little slices of life into stories. Prior to his recent paranormal coming-of-age novel, Shadowed by Fear, Thomas published three short stories and the memoirs of his junior and senior years in prep school in Philadelphia.

He resides with his wife, Yvonne, of forty-six years in Charlotte, North Carolina.