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The Almost Perfect Crime

The Almost Perfect Crime

By Jacque JacobsPublisher: Drellag Press, LLCISBN: 979-8-9873453-2-0Genre: Detective/MysteryPrice: 16.99
Available from: Amazon

Serendipity brings joy yet it can also lead life into never imagined directions. Quinn Isaacs, daughter of a wealthy Knoxville mother and equally wealthy Spanish father, entered law enforcement after one of the worst traumas a high school student can experience—an active shooter on campus her senior year. After ten years as an agent with Immigration Services, she leaves to become lead detective in the small rural town of Round City in the Smoky Mountains. In her second week on the job, the deaths of two women and a complicated web of family connections swirl through the mountains like the winter wind. Building a team in the hierarchical system in the Round City Police and facing her own demons as she struggles with self-doubt and nightmares, Quinn begins to understand the long-held belief about mountain life: it’s a place where people take care of each other—except when they don’t.

Jacque Jacobs is a retired university professor from Western Carolina University who, at age 73, wrote her first novel in twenty-four days and a six book series in ten months. Her first novel, High on a Mountain, was a finalist in the mystery category for the Royal Palm Literary Award, the American Writing Award in 2022, and received the Gold Award from Literary Titans in 2023. Her debut into fiction is rooted in the tradition of storytellers from the Smoky Mountains. She has just finished her ninth novel, the third in a spin-off detective series which launched in January 2024: The Almost Perfect Crime. She is spreading her writing wings into poetry. Jacque is a U.S. Navy veteran, and in April of 2023, had a poem selected by Long Leaf Press for inclusion in a military anthology on the theme of healing. Currently, she is the Board President of the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation: “The Literary Hub of Indian River County, FL.”


The Almost Perfect Crime is a suspenseful detective crime novel by Jacque Jacobs. In the story, Quinn Isaacs, the daughter of wealthy Knoxville parents and a former Immigration Services agent, becomes the lead detective in a rural town in the Smoky Mountains. During her senior year in high school, Quinn was involved in a traumatic shooting incident that led her to become a law enforcement officer. She struggles with nightmares of her past and self-doubt in her new field. Two weeks into her new job, the deaths of two women draw attention to possible murder, rather than natural death. Together with her new team, the medical examiner’s office, and a love interest, can they solve the ‘perfect murder’ and unravel a complex family web?
Jacque Jacobs has created a perfect suspense and murder scenario in her thrilling novel. The Almost Perfect Crime is a gripping read as the complex crime plot will hold the reader’s attention. The easy-to- read style will have the reader engaged and curious as to what happens next. In this murder mystery, as the reader puts the clues together, the chain of events begins to fall into place, the final twist taking one by surprise. Throughout the story, the characters, including the suspects, are convincing. We can relate to Quinn, who has inner insecurities but perseveres in gaining the trust and respect of her colleagues despite her fears. The Almost Perfect Crime is an intriguing novel that makes you want to unleash your inner detective. This is an entertaining read with a surprising twist in the ending; a brain-teasing challenge for fans of sleuth, police procedural, and crime-solving stories. This one is a winner! (1/28/2024)

5 star review from Readers Favorites