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The Crossing: A Wayfarer’s Chronicles

The Crossing: A Wayfarer’s Chronicles

By J. Edwards HoltPublisher: J. Edwards HoltISBN: 979-8871032824Genre: Fiction; Fantasy; ParanormalPrice: $13.99
Available from: Amazon

For centuries, the wayfarer has ferried souls to the afterlife across the vast, watery expanse of Marivon. The voyage has always gone as planned, until one day an unexpected passenger arrives: a living girl. The girl’s sudden appearance causes controversy among the crew — some believe she is supposed to be on board, while others strongly disagree, leaving the wayfarer to choose between honoring those most loyal to him or protecting the girl from all the dangers that her presence has awakened.

J. Edwards Holt is a bestselling and award-winning author from the United States. He is most commonly known for his works of fiction, which are often described as timeless tales of wonder and magic with messages relevant to the modern world. He published his first book in 2017 and since has gone on to produce a total of 14 works of fiction in a connected universe.


Entertaining! Another lovely story by J. Edwards Holt.

I loved the vivid descriptions in this enchanting book.

Exciting and edge-of-your-seat from beginning to end!