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The Enigma Code

The Enigma Code

By Judith GainesPublisher: Judith Gaines ISBN: 979-8377591269Genre: Mystery/Thriller Price: Paperback $9.99, eBook $3.99
Available from: Amazon

Art tells a story. How it was stolen is only the beginning.

Jade Weekes agrees to work with an FBI agent with a complicated past to track down a valuable painting last known to be with Jade's great-grandmother in 1942 Nazi-occupied France.

The agent, John Young, has used Jade before as bait to catch a killer, but now the stakes are higher as a terrorist group looks to cash in on a treasure hunt spanning more than 70 years.

With Chicago as the backdrop, they uncover lost artwork and its connection to an underground effort to reunite it with its original owners.

Books In This Series : Wired To Steal and The Enigma Code.

Judith Gaines, the winner of three Telly Awards, worked as a Producer and Director for broadcast and advertising. Her interest in art crime has led her to coursework with former FBI agents in non-verbal communication, behind the ropes to view museum exhibit installations, miles of walking the Paris Catacombs, and the study of social engineering in museum security. She's a member of Sisters In Crime and the NC Writer's Network.


I very much enjoyed this second installment in the Jade Weekes thriller series. The first book, Wired to Steal, introduced Jade as a strong-willed but conflicted young woman with amnesia, who is torn between her desire to recall her past and fear about what and who she might be. The Enigma Code continues her adventures as an art dealer turned art thief. It’s fun being in Jade’s head; she has a sly, relatable sense of humor. Her life is populated by a host of well-drawn characters that run the gamut from underworld criminals to top-level law enforcement, and the author deftly shows us how much those two worlds actually have in common. The ending leaves the reader eager to know what else awaits Jade, both from her past and in her future. So glad there is a third book in the works.

Anne-Marie Lacy, Author "The Medievalist"