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The Events of January 6, 2021: What Impact the Second Amendment Movement?

The Events of January 6, 2021: What Impact the Second Amendment Movement?

By Paloma A. Capanna, Attorney & Policy AnalystPublisher: Kindle Direct PublishingISBN: 978-1-7372575-0-9Genre: NonfictionPrice: $20, paperback
Available from: Amazon.com

This book pulls back the curtain on the U.S. Department of Justice "shock and awe" campaign as to defendants tagged as "Oath Keepers," dissects the Congressional hearings that followed, and lays out the agenda to activate the words "domestic terrorist" into a chargeable crime.

Paloma A. Capanna is an attorney and policy analyst, who has been speaking and writing about the Second Amendment as the modern civil rights movement for nearly 15 years. In more than 25-years in state and federal courtrooms, she has represented plaintiffs in groundbreaking civil rights litigation, including the case that revealed the NICS-to-TSDB connection. Paloma is an award-winning activist and writer.


Paloma has written THE book on January 6 and what’s really going on in Washington.

Bill Robinson, Host, The Second Amendment Radio Show

It reads like a spy thriller, but it’s sobering evidence of what’s happening here in this country.

Bob Savage, Owner, The WYSL Stations, Voice of Liberty

The much-needed raw facts served with the chill of what might be in store for us as a country.

Weer'd Beard, Host, The Assorted Calibers Podcast