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The Faded Blue House

The Faded Blue House

By Phyllis B. OlsonPublisher: Independently publishedISBN: 9798877987432Genre: Historical FictionPrice: $10.00 (paperback) $5.00 (e-book)
Available from: Amazon

Phoebe marries at age nineteen and moves to town anticipating a lively social life. Instead, she quickly has three children, the Great Depression descends, and her husband disengages from the family. In the midst of the struggles, she and her widowed neighbor, Faith Anne, commit to helping those around them including a disowned pregnant teenager, a family beset by alcoholism, and a family ruined by the Dust Bowl. An unethical neighbor creates a problem for eight-year-old Joey, a self-righteous churchwoman adds discord, racism abounds, and World War II looms. All the while, the voice of FDR calms troubled souls.

The Faded Blue House is an illuminating depiction of life in a small Southern town during the 1930s, including shortages, financial struggles, racial inequities, and The New Deal. The story ends as The United States enters World War II. It is a story of faith, generosity, hope, and joy during a notable time in history.

Phyllis B. Olson is an Arkansas native and a child of the Great Depression. The Faded Blue House is based on childhood memories, family lore, plus stories gathered from contemporaries. She is a retired special education school teacher, now residing in North Carolina.


One of the best books I have read in a long, long time. There is so much to like about The Faded Blue House, beginning with the time period (The Great Depression). I was drawn in and felt as if I were right there watching the whole story transpire. Phyllis B. Olson painted the joys and sorrows of the times with masterful strokes. I could almost see Phoebe at the treadle sewing machine whipping up a new blouse or dress for the girls or putting together underwear made from soft flour-sacks. The book pulls at the heartstrings, evoking many emotions. This is a story worth reading again.

Reader 1

The Faded Blue House in a profoundly important book about an intensely difficult time in American life, a time life that is fading from public conscience. Phyllis Olson puts us squarely in that life with stories about the struggles and heartbreak and devastation of the time. But there is also humanity and caring and love. Her prose flows easily, and her attention to detail is astonishing. I love this book. I truly hope there’s a sequel.

Reader 2

A sweet story of a complex family and their community of family, friends and neighbors. I was born in that timeline and lived through many of these chapters. Thank you, Phyllis Olson for giving me a day of wonderful memories as I enjoyed your delightful book.

Reader 3