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The Gaza Prison And Other Poems on Common Humanity, Apartheid, and Anti-Semitism

The Gaza Prison And Other Poems on Common Humanity, Apartheid, and Anti-Semitism

By S T Kimbrough, Jr.Publisher: Wipf and Stock PublishersISBN: 979-8385219780Genre: PoetryPrice: $11 Paperback; &7.99 Kindle; $23.99 Hardcover
Available from: Wipf and StockAmazon

For decades Israel’s forces have occupied parts of the West Bank and Gaza, forcing Palestinians there to live under dire conditions: imprisonment without charges or trials, confiscation of homes, properties, and farmland, even destruction of schools and hospitals. The action of Hamas on October 7, 2023, which resulted in 1,400 Israeli deaths and 250 taken as hostages, precipitated the horrific attacks on and in Gaza by the Israeli military that have killed over 30,000 Palestinians, the majority of whom are women and children. Almost all of Gaza is now completely destroyed.

The poems in this book reflect on the horrors of the Israel–Gaza War and the unjust effects of decades of occupation of Palestinian territory by Israel. The eight sections of the book (1. Gaza, 2. Revenge, 3. History, 4. Holy Land, 5. Common Humanity, 6. Apartheid and Anti-Semitism, 7. Justice, 8. Grace) focus on many aspects of life and injustice in Gaza, and they call on Israel to stop this unjust war, and on Hamas to cease killing and destruction. They summon people everywhere to set aside hatred and revenge, and to seek to be humane with a vision of the common humanity shared by all people on earth and peace.

S T Kimbrough, Jr. holds a PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary and is currently a Research Fellow of the Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition at Duke Divinity School. He has taught on leading theological faculties in Europe (Bonn University, Germany), the Illiricus Faculty in Zagreb (of former Yugoslavia), and in the USA (Princeton and New Brunswick, in New Jersey; Wesley Seminary [Washington, DC]; and Drew University). He has published numerous books on theology, history, and music with Wipf and Stock, including sixteen books of poetry.


As the title indicates, this volume covers one of the deepest crises that we are facing in our contemporary political and moral history, i.e., the all-encompassing, comprehensive, traumatic, and very violent destruction of life, freedoms, institutions, and property in Palestine. S T shows profoundly how the ‘Jewish Question/Problem,’ which was behind the ‘Final Jewish Solution,’ has now morphed into the ‘Final Palestinian Solution.’ Once again, in his inimitable lyrical form, he has covered this whole gamut and spectrum through his highly poetic creativity, while also capturing the biblical narrative of social and ethical norms. The whole book contains absolute gems for insights, moral grammar, and ethical norms.

Charles Amjad-Ali, Ph.D., Th.D. The Martin Luther King, Jr., Prof. of Justice and Christian Community (Emeritus) at Luther Seminary

The silence of politicians regarding the genocide in Gaza is deafening. People have become numb to the suffering of the Palestinian people. S T Kimbrough’s poems give voice to the voiceless children and women besieged in Gaza’s big prison in an attempt to awake the humanity in all of us. This book is a concise and unique introduction into the war on Gaza and the Israel/Palestinian issue at large.

Mitri Raheb, founder and president, Dar al-Kalima University, Bethlehem