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The Poetry Cure

The Poetry Cure

By Alice Carlton Publisher: Kindle Direct PublishingISBN: 979-8-9864054-0-7Genre: Women's Fiction Price: $9.99
Available from: Amazon

An unhappily married young woman joins a poetry writing class where she meets a man whose name the Ouija Board had spelled out years ago as the man she would marry. Mystified, she enjoys their unfolding friendship as poetry fills the empty place in her heart. To free herself from her angry husband, she enlists an experienced therapist who helps her learn to take charge of her life.

During her forty years as a clinical social worker, Alice Carlton worked with many individuals and couples in distress and gained much insight into human nature and relationship difficulties. Retirement offered her an opportunity to devote herself to creative writing. She is a member of the NC Writers' Network. She has published a story in Motherscope Magazine and poetry in Friends Journal and in Iris, The UNC Journal of Medicine, Literature and Visual Art. She lives in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband, one dog and two cats.


What I love about novelists is their imagination. And Alice Carlton is no exception. Utilizing her experience as a relationship therapist, she narrates a tale of marriage gone awry, growing through the pain, and new love entering that had been predicted years before by a Ouija Board. That combined with these two people’s love of poetry and the healing it provides offers a creative twist that warms the heart. An added bonus to this love story is the novel’s portrayal of good therapy. This art form is not often depicted realistically in books and drama. But The Poetry Cure paints a picture of a skilled therapist providing a solid grounding, thus adding depth and wisdom. Readers will cheer for the protagonist, Annie, as she works through her struggles, matures, and learns to love herself enough to love another authentically … a journey most of us find ourselves taking. The Poetry Cure blazes the trail in a most distinctive way.

From the Foreword by Linda A Marshall, author of A Long Awakening to Grace: A Memoir of Loss and Discovery