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The Trilogy of Leadership: (Lead. Legacy. Leverage)

The Trilogy of Leadership: (Lead. Legacy. Leverage)

By Dr. Jameel Ahmed Publisher: Independently Published ISBN: 979-8367076820Genre: Business and Leadership Price: $14.99
Available from: Amazon

Leadership is an elaborative term encompasses the ability of an individual to "lead", influence or guide other individuals at large. Inspired by the idea of writing book occurred after tracing the remarkable journey of fifteen prolific leaders and their path-breaking contributions to the world of business. These remarkable leaders discussed in this book are those who influenced me in my career. Thanks to them, I stand where I am now. The power of their “legacy” has helped change the world to rethink and rediscover the way conventional business was done. Although this book focuses on famous entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and tech-savvy personalities, but the main purpose for which I have written this book is to let you know that no matter what, you can grab your dream at any stage of your life. You can become the emperor of your own empire. Leaders will continue to “leverage” the power of their wisdom. This book is solely meant to motivate people to never give up. Know that you yourself are the one who picks yourself from the grounds. Unlock your potential to be a great leader by reading this book. Grab your copy now!

Jameel Ahmed is an award winning author, entrepreneur, innovator, mentor, and author born and raised in the UAE, he completed his high school and pursued management studies in India alongside a flourishing career in the supply chain. He is the founder and CEO of ZERCO International, USA, and its affiliated companies with operations spread out globally. With 23 years of international business expertise, he brings a diverse gamut of experiences to the table accrued from his various operations and leadership roles with Global O&G and Services companies. Apart from being actively involved with community services, he also became a vital mentor for the Catholic Charities, USA, as he supported the refugee population arriving in the US for their settlement. Jameel travelled around 33 countries worldwide for business operations. Jameel wears several hats and obtained many awards. He is the recipient of PenCraft Book Award for 2022 Literary Excellence-Non Fiction Business/Finance winner.

Jameel Ahmed has a PhD in Management, Masters major in Financial Planning and Strategic Management, Post-Graduation Diploma in Strategic Management and leadership, Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration along with several industry accreditations, to name a few, International Supply Chain certification, Six Sigma, Strategical Management & Situational Leadership and Quality management systems. Jameel was also conferred with a prestigious Honorary Doctorate in Advanced Studies in the Business Administration during 2020 for his outstanding business, academic and social contributions in the field and importance at national and international levels. Additionally, he is also engaged in writing publications and journal for academic purposes to excel in the research peripherals. Jameel is a passionate leader who finds opportunities to develop businesses around the world and create jobs in the market. He enjoys travelling and meeting people, new cultures and loves connecting with his friends and family.