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The Village Maid: A Fairy Tale with Benefits

The Village Maid: A Fairy Tale with Benefits

By Jane BuehlerPublisher: Jane BuehlerISBN: 978-1-957350-00-4Genre: Fiction: Fantasy / RomancePrice: $14.99, paperback / $2.99, ebook

She’s gone from riches to rags…

Once a castle courtier, Avianna now toils as a laundry maid. She owes the landlady two moons’ rent, and she’s destroying her one asset—her looks. Her best and only plan to escape poverty is to lure hapless Jeb Doolihan into marriage.

Jeb’s handsome and rich… and boring. And Avianna can’t stop thinking about her new friend in the village, the humble fairy Thorn. Thorn actually talks to her, unlike most men. He’s teaching her to read. And now he’s starting to look far too attractive.

But Thorn’s a fairy. And fairies can cast love spells.

Avianna is determined to resist his charms and pursue her goal. Thorn doesn’t fit the picture of the secure life she’s always wanted. But when they escape together from a pirate invasion, that picture starts to change.

The Village Maid is a relatable story in a lighthearted setting with fun magic—the perfect escape. If you like Sophie Kinsella novels, but wish they had fairies and magic, The Village Maid is for you. Note: The Village Maid contains love scenes.

Emily Jane Buehler published two nonfiction books—one on the science and craft of baking bread, the other a memoir of a bicycle trip from New Jersey to Oregon—before venturing into fiction. She currently writes light-hearted “cozy” fantasy romances that focus on a protagonist finding their courage and happiness, as opposed to plots with a lot of fighting and darkness.

Emily lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where she can often be found walking or bicycling through town. Her favorite things include letters sent through the mail, Made-in-the-USA knee socks, and very dark fair-trade chocolate. She is passionate about living waste free and usually has several cats.

Emily writes romance using her middle name, Jane. Subscribe to her email list at https://janebuehler.com for news about new books and the chance to get advance review copies.