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To Every Season

To Every Season

By Nancy Learned HainesPublisher: Pleasant Green BooksISBN: 0997984813Genre: Historical FictionPrice: $16.99 Paperback, $5.99 ebook
Available from: Amazon

After Mary Jackson undertakes the perilous journey of moving to the North Carolina wilderness with her family, she answers the call to lead the women in her Quaker meeting, a role she struggles to fulfill with sensitive insight and loving care.

Too soon, their peaceful community is shattered when farmers rise in rebellion, demanding an end to local government corruption. Despite her efforts, the women of the meeting can only watch as the rebels become increasingly violent. Negotiations for a peaceful resolution are unsuccessful. The rebellion fails in a bloody battle.

As the drumbeats of the American Revolution reach the Piedmont, the future of the Quaker community rests on Mary’s shoulders. Only the strength of her spiritual reserves will ensure her small Quaker meeting survives.

Nancy Haines worked seventeen years as an engineer, then ran an antiquarian bookstore for twenty-five years. After her retirement, she fulfilled a lifelong dream to be an author. She published a nonfiction book about Quaker relief service in France during WWI based on the love letters of two pacifists and a picture book about spiritual decision making for Quaker children. Her new novel presents the story of the Quakers who were the original European settlers of Hillsborough, North Carolina, where she and her husband now reside. Nancy is currently writing a nonfiction history of the Quakers in her town and researching the lives of other early Quaker women. She is the treasurer of the Quakers Uniting in Publications, an international organization of writers, publishers, and journals involved in the ministry of the written word.


Descriptions of accidents along the way, details of building a primitive cabin, and encounters with the natives of the Eno River area of North Carolina make for interesting and informative reading. Religious customs of the Quietist Quakers of the 1700s and stories of real-life Quakers of the era such as Charity Wright (Cook), John Woolman, and Herman Husband are presented in historically accurate detail within the tension developing in the novel around maintaining a faith community, confronting slavery and war, and remaining true to Quaker testimony…. the reader’s sympathy is drawn…to the steadfastness displayed and pain experienced by the central figures in the novel….It leaves one hoping for a sequel, an exploration of how the next generation of the family carried on in the face of the challenges to the Quaker community in the Carolinas that were just over the horizon.

Max Carter, Emeritus professor of Quaker Studies, Guilford College

An original story of a woman’s determination to meet the challenges of frontier life in Piedmont North Carolina during the mid to late 1700s as well as her striving to maintain the standards of goodness expected of her Quaker faith and of her calling to ministry. Readers will learn much about Quaker ideals and practices during the colonial period.

Courtney Smith, Exhibits and Programs Coordinator, Orange County Historical Museum

I enjoyed reading To Every Season…My measure of a good book is that I slow down toward the end, not wanting to lose touch with the characters when it’s over.
Ever the school teacher, I could see this book being very helpful to demonstrate early life in our little town of Hillsborough…[the book] is sending me to the local history section of the public library.

Jane Price, retired educator