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Virtus Draconis: Blood Price

Virtus Draconis: Blood Price

By Edi ÁlvarezPublisher: Self-PublishedISBN: 979-8769836183Genre: Fantasy, Sci-FiPrice: $20.00 Softcover, $8.00 eBook
Available from: Amazon

What are you willing to pay?

Claude Virtus has lived his life the only way he knows: day by day, in struggle. As a mercenary's apprentice, he is ready for his first mission: princess Meredith, of the conservative kingdom of Shaddhai, has declared war against the nation of Anthropia, disgusted with their progressive lifestyles and traditions. Claude and his brother, the wolf Mordred Constantine, are dispatched for an important mission: investigate the details of the war, and stop it in any way they can. But when Claude is mysteriously poisoned in his first engagement, a survivor, Anna, decides to pay the dearest price to save his life: a blood price.

A celebration of strength of will like no other!

A dramatic adventure, full of heartrending loss, bittersweet victories and moments of clear, personal growth awaits! This neurodivergent, furry novel celebrates the importance of mental health, autism and neurological conditions (such post-traumatic stress and bipolar disorder) as mechanisms to present different and unique perspectives, framed in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, on August 15th, 1987. Writer, photographer, gamer, furry, translator and journalist. Has a bachelor's degree in Tele-Radial Communications from the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, specializing in Narrative, from the University of the Sacred Heart in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Virtus Draconis is his first novel, and his thesis project for his Master of Arts degree. He currently resides in North Carolina, USA. He is autistic and advocates for the cause.


Not only is the book a good exploration of a neurodivergent protagonist, it’s actively accessible to neurodivergent readers! The prose and chapter construction are very easy to consume, and it’s a pretty fun narrative to see unfold. Looking very forward to future works!

Amazon customer

The author intermingles the neurological with the literary to create a story everyone should read.

Amazon customer