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Where Dark Things Grow

Where Dark Things Grow

By Andrew K. ClarkPublisher: Cowboy Jamboree PressISBN: 9798859532308Genre: Appalachian Gothic, Horror, Magical RealismPrice: $15.99

Fifteen-year-old Leo is watching the world crumble. His father is missing and his mother is slipping into madness as she cares for Leo, his sick sister Goldfish, and two useless brothers. Relatives are no help and the church folk have turned their backs in the middle of the Great Depression.

When he discovers an enchanted wulver from ancient folklore that will do his bidding, he decides to settle old scores. Revenge is sweet, but Leo soon learns he can’t control what he’s unleashed. It takes his spitfire best friend Lilyfax to help Leo overcome his anger and try to escape the wulver’s evil. As they search for his father, Leo, Lilyfax, and friends are pursued by dark forces and pulled into a rescue effort to find and save trafficked girls rumored to have been taken by the mysterious Blue Man.

Featuring elements of horror, folklore, and magical realism, Where Dark Things Grow is a dark bildungsroman set squarely in the place and culture of the 1930s Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Andrew K. Clark is a writer from Western North Carolina where his people settled before the Revolutionary War. His poetry collection, Jesus in the Trailer was published by Main Street Rag Press and shortlisted for the Able Muse Book Award. His debut novel, Where Dark Things Grow, is forthcoming from Cowboy Jamboree Press September 10, 2024. His work has appeared in The American Journal of Poetry, UCLA’s Out of Anonymity, Appalachian Review, Rappahannock Review, The Wrath Bearing Tree, and many other journals. He received his MFA from Converse College. Connect with him at andrewkclark.com.


As haunting as all fireside stories should be. Where Dark Things Grow will make you sleep with the lights on.

Jason Mott, winner of the National Book Award, and author of Hell of a Book

With roots as deep and tangled as the Blue Man’s trees, Where Dark Things Grow is a mesmerizing tale of magic and monsters, of family and fate, but also a reflection on the problem of power and the weight of abuses the most vulnerable carry, and how maybe we should be looking to the children to save us. A bold debut from a natural storyteller.

Meagan Lucas, author of Songbirds and Stray Dogs and Here in the Dark

Stephen King meets Appalachia meets Flannery O’Connor’s the Misfit.

Leslie Pietrzyk, author of Admit this to No One