Let’s face it, Act 2 is the trickiest part of storytelling. With multiple plot lines to move forward and multiple character arcs to solidify and sharpen, it’s easy for any writer to bog down in a sea of details.

So how do you turn a novel into a page-turner, with appropriate pacing and enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged? Some writers outline everything – which can be confining and make the process feel mechanical – while others fly by the seat of their pants…right into a storm of confusion. The answer to cleaning up a muddy middle lies somewhere in between in a process called “the scene weave” which will help you prioritize key turning points while simultaneously keeping all the threads of a story tight and moving forward. Bring your manuscript or your WIP – this one’s a deep dive into the biggest challenge novelists face!

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Kim Wright turned to fiction ten+ years ago after a career in journalism. Since then she has published four novels: LOVE IN MID AIR (Grand Central), THE UNEXPECTED WALTZ, THE CANTERBURY SISTERS, and LOVE IN MID AIR (all Gallery). LOVE IN MID AIR was the 2018 winner of the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction. Kim teaches at Charlotte Lit and offers developmental editing through her Story Doctor service (kimwright.org).